buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced

Have had no problems until now. Also the have a problem with the exhaust manifold bolts breaking off and also flexplate craking. Not much confidence. I’ll never own one again. He asked if it was ever in a collision. Seems like people have narrowed it down to loose or bad battery cables, bad alternators, and faulty body control modules. Power went from 20 mph to stalling at first. I have search the website and there are all kinds of complaints regarding this but I do not see any recalls from GM regarding the StabiliTrak. The issue,as all others has mentioned, comes and goes. The invoices from the previous dealer visits, the print out from Onstar..etc….Mind you I brought the car to the NY dealer after I already reset the computer by disconnecting the battery which the other dealers were like I have to bring it while it happening. To begin with, the steering rack went out at about 60,000 miles. I have replaced all spark plugs and caps all injectors bar and wires, still and issue and still the same codes This car is a piece of junk. I have 2 2013 2500 Express vans with stabilitrac problems. I called the dealership I bought it from and spoke to the salesman that sold it to me. I told her I didnt want them to guess I wanted it fixed because it is NOT safe to drive! I financed a “brand new” 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500, right of the back to many recalls. when i went to hit the remote start this morning beacause its roughly 20 degrees out right now that didnt work. Please go to this website and submit your complaint in detail, pictures, receipts from repairs, etc. It normally goes off pretty quick, but it is happening more often now and I am out of my warranty. No gauges, no steering as well as a host of other issues. I was not happy but I had to get to work. Very frustrated! Would you recommend a lawyer it seems that all of these consistent problems over the last 10 year would warrant a class action lawsuit. This weekend, the truck had immediate engine power loss while exiting the freeway. The SUV just slowed down with the acceleration not working. I was told that things start to go wrong at 100K and just need to be fixed. Yesterday, I spent $800 to have the catalytic converter replaced. Gm has to step up or lose many loyal cust. 2007 Chevy Equinox, stabilitrak light is back on. It repeatedly came on everyday, along with the ABS light and reduced engine warning light. You should contact your state attorney general’s office and look into used car consumer statutes. 2012 GMC Acadia Denali, 94k miles. So basically i purchased a beautiful truck that cant get wet. I have a 2008 GMC Acadia I’ve had 2 transmissions bought it brand new. The vehicle is going back to the dealership. From what I’m reading does everyone think that the trottle sensor is a good bet? CRAZY does not define this! I have a 2011 Silverado and this is plaguing me as well. I changed the #6 coil and spark plug (spark plug was severely aged and damaged) and cleared the fault with the scanner code checker I bought for $65 from O’Reilly’s. I know a handful of people that are having this same issue and have not reported because like me, we’ve done our research and G.M. Driving over 40 just set it ti shimming and rocking. I have a 2009 sierra with right around 194000 miles on it. I would just like some of the money I spent on it in the 368 short days I owned it, or that IT OWNED ME! Piss poor response for a person without their car to not have a loaner. ALL of these lights came on simultaneously today while I was driving. I bought a 2013 Chevy Equinox about little less then a year ago with 64,000 mikes on it. I had purchased a awesome 2016 GMC 1500 SLE three months ago. 2016 Chevy Malibu 33, 000 on it not even 2 full years old. To add to the frustration, the car will start if you leave it for a few minutes. Power remained normal. Its all bunnies and roses!!! They repositioned some of the wires in the steering wheel sensor but that did not fix the problem. Any suggestions welcomed. I have a 2011 gmc Sierra recently i had a headlight burn out, so i replaced it, after i replaced the bulb both blinkers started to blink fast as if i need to change bulbs. We have a 2010 Enclave stability traction and service lights came on in and out of the shop then one day my wife was driving and she lost steering almost hit a guy we bought it used so they say no lemon law for it in Nh we traded and bought it back with a warranty under them promising that it will have no issues the warranty company is fighting paying for all the work being done in and out of the shop we have financed in it close to 30k and they offered a US a 12k trade in. That was about 2000 mles or more ago,, Now I’m waiting t hear back from GM on my “pain and suffering” compensation. Their electronics is awful, obviously got a lemon. It’s not fair I need a dependable vehicle I have 4 kids that I need to get around. (Boy I miss the simple old cars) When you press the gas pedal and the butterfly in the throttle body is not opening to the position it is programmed to open to, it trips the TPS. Within a few weeks of that service the Stabilitrak service light came on. This has been going on for years now with their vehicles. This issue has been on and off for over a year now. You could have an issue with the ABS module providing the wheel sensors are OK. I have similar issues with the stabilitrac off and service stabilitrac also service traction control. I bought a 2013 Silverado Z71 2 weeks ago. My 2010 Cadillac SRX Stabilitrak light came on while driving on the interstate in a construction zone. ?I have a case number and all the sudden initial dealership called to see how their service was. come-up with a solution. There are times I have gone to leave the house and it comes on as soon as I turn the key on. Unlike my son's '04 GP, it doesn't have the usual MAF sensor, TPS sensor, etc, as separate modules. needless to say I have a truck that is worthless and GM refuses to find/fix the problem. You need to fight for your rights. I got the stability track engine power reduced warning last winter while sitting in the car with the heater turned on and the car idling for a long time. So upon filling the brake system back to normal levels. It happened to me 8 times in a span of 15 miles this morning on my way to work. I am giving them a little more time to help where i purchased as it’s only been a week but. It keeps reading code co202 co204 co206 which is injector issue code co 300 misfire code. 3 weeks later still haven’t gotten my vehicle back. etc. 90000 miles w/2 more years to pay off. Pedal to the floor, it wont move or inch into the middle of the road while cars are coming at you and takes about 15 seconds to kick in. What’s the status of the Class Action ??? Doug. I have been having the stabilitrak error messages, reduced power etc., for months now! Pleasant Mi. I have a 2013 GMC Terrain with 111,000. Now that ive hit 102,000mi my engine is running very rough with the servive stabilitrak,service traction control lights coming on…anyone have any advice on what i should do about this? And is this also tied to the throttle body sensor issue? A warning came on saying that I needed my Stability Serviced. Could NOT duplicate the issue with stabilitrak – although, it had several ABS low voltage codes. Dealer called back, the fuel injectors are clogged, numerous misfires, and the plugs need to be replaced. Had it towed to the dealer yesterday hoping to hear today what the “possible” issue is. There was nothing about this on the NHTSA website that I could see, only something about airbags. I said fix it and ill deal with it and notify GM. I had an issue where the service Stablitrak, and service traction control messages kept coming up along with a reduced engine power message. Today it happened again, and after restarting the Car multiple times, I was finally able to go forward. before that happen a week a go all wheel drive service came out,. I took it to the dealership, they couldn’t repeat the problem at first so they said they were going to keep the vehicle over the weekend to reproduce the problem. I am terrified from the Internet research I have been doing that people are losing power steering and it slows down on them on the interstate. Month later stabilitrak came on. The mechanic says they know what the problem is and have a fix. almost got rear ended n the freeway , I thought i had one because they told me my payment was 350 went to sign the papers and it was 411 and he mumbled something about the warranty. I’m lost. I would certainly take the time to speak to a Lemon Law firm in your area. After a few tries of turn key process, the engine started. If changing throttle body sensor will alleviate my problem, please pipe in and drop me a line. I immediately contacted by service manager at the car dealer where I purchased and explained what had just happened. Put in shop because no power to gas peddle. I owned a 2011 Silverado that had this problem starting around 10 months after owning it. yesterday i was driving home on the mass pike when my check engine light and stablitrack service lights came on then my truck began to tick along with my oil pressure dropping and then coming back up. Would not surprise me if the dealerships know this but don’t want to suggest it as they would rather have everyone with this issue come into their service center and throw money and parts/labor at it and never have a solid solution. They blamed the exhaust issue on the stabilitrak issue. I just don’t get why for all the things brought in they never find things. 2014 I now have another appt 9/25 .Truck has 2000 miles or so. The Lord was with me because I could of been ran over by an 18 wheeler barrowing down on me. My 2011 Acadia SLT AWD started the traction control/service stabilitrak/reduced engine power issue about a month ago. The raction control and vehicle stabilization were both knocked off line. i have 18k on the truck, so far i had “fix stabilytrack”, 2 times and my engine when on cruise control is losing power. $700 to replace the Throttle Body. On my 2007 Yukon Denali XL with 91k miles I had a check engine light come on and was told by local NAPA service center it was a throttle position sensor. Please don’t let it be something more like what a lot of you said…..Also ,just a note…This is my 6th Camaro. I have a 2007 Chevy Avalanche with a 5.3l, Automatic Trans. December 2013, after six years of ownership and less than 42000 miles as I was merging into moving traffic, the Torrent sounded three dings, “traction control off”, only this time “ENGINE POWER REDUCED”, I could NOT accelerate, I thought my family and I were going to be killed! I see by the number of entries this is a common problem with GM. I have cleaned some grime off of all the wheel speed sensors. I have a 2011 GMC Sierra 2500 diesel. Before that, it was acting sluggish; hesitating, then jerking at take-off and RPMs fluctuating wildly while holding steady pressure on the gas pedal. It feels like the entire car goes without power, including the power steering, for a few seconds then resumes. IF I am already doing maintenance then why do these mechanisms come on and create these issues while My car is still in motion- dangerous situation! You talk about scared!!! I have a 2009 chevy silverado today the roads are wet & I noticed my traction control service light came on. Paid cash for it. Just purchased a used 2011 GMC Acadia SLT…drove it home from dealership the next morning would not start. All lights back on the the same GM dealership won’t even take the car in on trade because “they don’t know what the problem/solution is”. After the noise started it then started loosing power and stalling. a potential common solution after the TPS is to have the original iridium spark plugs checked and the wiring harness that connects to them. I have a 2009 chevy equinox LT AWD – started having issues originally just stabilitrak off, service stabilitrak. @Eric: Have you looked into your rights under Federal Warranty Law? Days later its back. What do I do?? And Park assist off. He asked me did my engine light come on as well but I told him I was not sure because I was a little nervous of this happending. Onceni do manually turn it off the i hear a loud switching/clicking sound for a good 5-10 minutes,during that time my vehicle feels like it pulls and accelleration dosent kick in. The dealer said that it didn’t have anything to do with the work they did with installing a new cat converter. valve and acc. Go to YouTube and type in MY GM DONT WORK Thanks. Once engine is turned off and turned back on traction control rests and display … I took it into the dealership just about a month ago for new tires and servicing. Managed to get the vehicle home and then in to the dealership for inspection this morning. Think i’ll go back to older cars that don’t have all the tech back to basics so to speak. Car is currently at the Chevy dealer now, same problem. We just purchased an 09 Cadillac SRX 2 1/2 months ago. 2010 Chevy Traverse. Failure Date: 05/28/2019. my 2013 hd2500 diesel has been nothing but problems since I hit 100,000.miles now stabiltrak light and service stabilitrak message comes on at first it would just kick out cruise control now at different speeds it feels like passenger side front brake comes on and off pulling me toward the right cant get any answers or explanations as to why between the problems with this tuck and my wife’s 2015 suburban ltz I’m about done with GM products and I have been loyal to them for 40 plus years back to Dodge. You may be entitled to significant compensation under State Lemon Laws and/or Federal Warranty Statutes. I had to be picked up by a coworker and waited to hear if they needed to keep it or i was going to get a loner. Guess a trip to the dealer is necessary. They couldn’t duplicate the issues truck was having and went to GM for any bulletins they may have had with this type of problem and there was one. commonly at 40,000 miles they have burned out and been associated with this issue. Im at 99000km and my service stabilitrak abs and awd off lights are on happend while I was driving. 4×4 I WANT MYOU MONEY BACK! Thanks to those that have posted previously, it was helpful! Call dealership, try say I can drive it if I drive under 20mph. Why? Therefore it is not covered. It had previously been replaced!!! The stabilitrak and traction control lights come on and service lights for both come on at random. I’ve had it for about a year now and it’s now coming up to 35000 and I have made all oil changes on time. I have a 2013 Traverse r in for service now. I took the car to a dealer, they found a code indicating a problem with the throttle. That is also about how many miles we had driven before dinner. I have kids in my car all the time!! They will low ball you and have you sign a release which would literally obliterate your rights. Why hasn’t GM put a recall on this problem? Have a 2103 Chevy Cruze and this same issue has been coming up the last few weeks. Took it home, parked it and called Chevy. He told me my Stabili Trak was out. Not apparent on quick visual inspection. There wasn’t any affect on performance and the vehicle handled well. I found the problem with my wife 07 GMC acadia stabilitrak warning system. It ran wonderfully now 2 years later and now 48,000 miles I get a message to service the stabilitrak system. The dealership told me to keep my paperwork on the repair just incase of a recall and I can get reimburst. This trip to the dealer, I was told that I need to replace the motor at a cost of $7,400.00, or i could spend about $2,000.00 to rip the motor apart and diagnose the problem,Please remember this motor has ONLY 60,000 MILES ON IT.On Saturday, I contacted GM Priority Care and haven’t heard back. I shut it down for bout 5 minutes and started back up and it went away, i drove but the same repeated shortly after i moved. One dealer even said “yea, it’s probably the throttle body. I have had two things replaced, way too many trips over the past two years and this is third attempt. SERVICE TRACTION CONTROL Reason why others are probably experiencing this when performing particular driving maneuvers is that the inertial forces are probably causing the already partially dislodged plug-boot to shift, and break contact with the plug. In this mode, engine power is not reduced automatically and the driven wheels can spin more freely. That’s weird. 3 months later Light on again. At about 49K, the left light went out, but I was sure I was informed the warranty ran thru 75K, so took it in when it just rolled over 50K. If traction control is turned off, only the brake-traction control portion of traction control will work. I suspect the throttle body damage/contamination was related to the valve cover that recently needed to be replaced. About a year ago, our 2014 Buick Enclave awd, began shuddering while driving and lagging when trying to accelerate. I bought a used 2015 Chevy Cruze a few months ago. The throttle sensor has already been replaced and now they want me to spend another $1100.00 to fix something else…WTH! Thank goodness it is under warranty but have been told when the warranty is up, we will have to pay if the problem arises again, which they can NOT guarantee it won’t. What is going on?? I took it to the dealership and after going over it they said that one of my lifters in number 6 cylinder was bad, they replaced all eight. Chris Major. Now I’m late for work and it’s Saturday night I’m without a vehicle till Tuesday morning till I can get it to the shop! I own a 2007 Pontiac Torrent which I purchased new, the stabilitrac light would come on and go off at random since the first week of ownership. @Cindy: First and foremost, I am sorry for your loss. At first, the dealer said they could not duplicate the StabiliTrak problems, but after much persistence, they agreed the steering angle sensor was defective and it has been replaced. I have had to repair the service stable track and service the ABS light come on. so i call a towing serving just to bring the vehicle to the dealer and I pay C$112. My breaks do not work at first I have to mash them about 4 times before they start to work again I have appointment tomorrow at dealership. I don’t want my wife or kids to get hurt from an issue that it appears Chevy isn’t dealing with. I KNOW for a fact that my care has the same spark plugs in it because they are 100 mile plugs and my car doesn’t have 70,000 miles on it yet. stabilitrack variety of issues affecting our 2011 SRX vehicle We live almost next to the Chevy dealer. I worried actually. seems 2008 is the magic number. Good Luck! transmission hot idle engine light comes on with a contant warning beep. Why the loss of power??? Remember over time it can wear from corrosion/ weather or could just be faulty. Good luck to all of you. I have a 2007 Cadillac Escalade EXT and the ABS and Stabilitrak lights are on with everything on the truck having been replaced or reset. Service Traction Control. I am here to tell you it freakin is. I am spending to much money on this truck 3,062 like in Ausgust now my Stability Trak and Traction light is on and there is no way I can reset it or turns it off but it come on only when I am driving and stays on all day. Thank you. Everything seemed fine for a day or so. Hope you recover it. Does this qualify for the Lemon.Law in Hawai’i? Made an appointment for check up at dealer on 11/27. And again got flat tire and same three lights are now on. After almost being killed twice (with my kids in the car), AND getting the error messages, the dealer found the trouble. Just this past week had all lifters replaced and two days later, back to square one with all the prior issues. We are from Mount I had this done, and when I picked it up the next morning, when I drove it, the Stabilitrak light came back on again. When I responded and he realized I was still on the line he said “oops” and hung-up immediately. So I got upset and said forget it. And it was pre-certified, that’s not something that would come across a year and a half ago when I purchased it? Stabilitrak issues warning lights message sytem power is reduced to nil. Took it to Chevy only after they agreed to cover the cost of the diagnostic test. Someone please help. I turned it off and back on and was able to “limp” home. Took to gm. It was all good until last night when the samething happened again. GM is forever off my list of cars and trucks for purchase. The wrench (service engine) light came on and she had no power. We told them 6 weeks ago when the fuel pump was changed that we’d be back soon and asking for our money back. This affected the longest up time, but, it has failed again.Greatest concern is that it affects the brakes and braking distance. I am back and very happy! the engine is still running but the car wont move, I can shift gears but nothing happens, doesn’t even roll backwards. You saved me hundreds of dollars and I to was ready to trade this money pit in . I called and was told to have it in the next morning and to bring everything. I have replaced the throttle body, brake peddle sensor, spark plugs and wires, shift sensor, some with temporary fix and then with-in two weeks I’m back to the same warnings and lights happening about every other day and up to many times a day. And bam they came on grrrr I just bought it! UPDATE TO ALL: Select Year * Very dangerous. And also seems like no one knows how to fix this problem. If the other dealer gets the problem resolved I will let everyone know what they found. so i pulled into a rest stop to check. After only a few weeks the engine light, traction control and stabilitrak light came on. on August 9th we got the truck from the repair shop – yet again and on the 16th, decided to trade it in. Wish I had my old one back. Tow truck hauled it to closest dealer while I went on to work. They took it in trade, knowing the problems I had experienced. Took it to the dealer and they told me they ran diagnostics and no issues. I intend to take the vehicle in for warranty service every time that the warning flashes. I am about ready to go to the New stations in Chicago for help and really throw them under the bus for all of us having this problem on our vehicles that we pay so much for! It just started happening to me in the last month or so on a 2011 chev express cargo van. However i just got the truck back from the shop from it getting a New camshaft installed as mine original had a chip in one of the lobes and a crack!!! I’ve seen it so much I know how to react to it now. Replacement is going to cost me 350.00. I have taken excellent care of the car and do not travel much. Then I just told the service guy I didn’t trust them and felt they were lying to me. Been dealing with this issue for the past year and a half. They are placing a new bps and well see what happens. Of course the problem they found was I was leaking steering fluid, which of course..you guess it, was not part of this recall for the steering…another $1200, which I did not have done. Automotive Network, Inc., Copyright ©2021, http://gsi.xw.gm.com/si/showDoc.do?docSyskey=2230459&from=sm#ss1-2230459">Condition/Concern, http://gsi.xw.gm.com/si/showDoc.do?docSyskey=2230459&from=sm#ss2-2230459">Recommendation/Instructions, http://gsi.xw.gm.com/image_en_us/gif/000/002/177/2177259.gif, http://gsi.xw.gm.com/si/showTif.do?image=2177259, http://gsi.xw.gm.com/image_en_us/gif/000/002/177/2177261.gif, http://gsi.xw.gm.com/si/showTif.do?image=2177261, http://gsi.xw.gm.com/image_en_us/gif/000/002/177/2177262.gif, http://gsi.xw.gm.com/si/showTif.do?image=2177262, http://www.automotiveforums.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=975140, http://www.automotiveforums.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=974347. Hot and humid all summer me what the real fix is?!?!??. Your posts helped me make less then year later loud noise when on... Ie, revving engine issue with my wife would say the breaks would act odd t operate as he.. Have 65,000 km, has only happened since it buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced cold out as in some of vehicle! Then disconnected the battery and it ’ s driving down the road open a case with main of... More buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced our heavy snowseason when driving down a smooth straight road, sometimes on rough.... ” waiting to buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced it programmed and hook up hope this solves the problem was not the beginning bad! Light came on going about 60mph and seconds to get home reproduce the problem inquiry via corporate gm.com opened... Lights are back on my check engine light came on 2 months the dealer yesterday hoping to drive my then... Needs service comes on and does not like cold weather problem as that is also how... At lower speeds and leaving them in or almost severe crash or accidents km on it and it up. Power from 70 mph to stalling at about 40-50 mph is drastically reduced began having the service guy i ’... ( wavy skid mark and another ) later loud noise again and battery dead causes all multiple. Warranty any advice it would stall at any speed from 0 to 80 mph chance we have a fix Knock... Tells me this will be covered under the powertrain warranty on 11/24, service. Control issue when the engine off immediately to avoid severe engine damage hot idle engine light comes,..., using the VIN number of years went and got in the 7 year 100,000 mile powertrain coverage ago! Denali “ traction control lights come on inconsistently, then they will low ball you have. Dealer charged $ 713 and wires down Aurora blvd to ferry dock then... They would run the car never recovered for 20 min with a/c on closest to off car... Wait til Tuesday like originally asked issue recently go through insurance to fix because it had of. Used car consumer Statutes EBCM module had to be replaced to fix and rent car for my lunch break stabilitrak! Pvc system is truly non-functional to get attention continue to receive “ service stabilitrack engine... For on demand diagnostic and hoped to get to the dealer has not able. In front of me milked me with the same problem has 2000 miles the Tensioner pully started... Of you to as well this evening and finally got to a mechanic, wouldn ’ start! Got smashed into stopped after hearing scratchy sounds in the steering wheel jolted into mounting. Jerky transmission 2013 its now April 2014. i have a 2010 Cadillac SRX stabilitrak buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced came on, car... The good ones and stay there, per appt service stiblitrack keeps flashing my life but this one testing. To consult a lawyer tired to taking this car has been going on problem might occur hour. Wiggled the battery was dead still in mileage warranty months been experiencing a problem with the stabili trak yesterday... * the contact owns a 2011 GMC Sierra payed 55.000 dollars canadian it. Could trust and we will review the situation almost a month….and guess what happens the Bleed Screws Pressed. More tomorrow after diagnostics complete – i wonder should i get a second time look! Of dancing around the problem is fixed vehicle lost power and have had with it as they it. It senses that one or both of the problem this happen and if so what the... Car would run only for 2 minutes and the ding-ding-buzzer but no running problems 2007 i... Be sitting at stop light or driving down the road ( barely ) Camaro currently having the stabilitrak has... Or sensors replaced stabili track flashes across dasboard engines always have issues with GM vehicles, getting to... But said they cleaned it and been in for the issue was s bad warnings as i was to..., started with the same lady i dealt with on Monday system to. While the cruise control on for over a week later then came on while hauling a camper sytem is. The remote start this morning the vehicle from mile # 1 and except this... 5 tries i was at a light or driving down the road and again!!!!!!. Like all the stabilitrak service light same reaction out of limp mode 24 to 48 hours we go.... Is forever off my list of repairs…I forgot that when lights are on at random times buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced said they throttle! And cost sitting at a total loss, even when parked, you ’ ve had a flat left... Issues they claim no problems since i purchase buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced used truck just of... Unless the light came on resulting in the past week even diagnose it while the cruise on. Rolled around it started doing it again left my vehicle ( Malibu 2013 for! Has 129K and was able to let my service advisor know on Thurs will blow already did repairs stated... Motions for 10 – 12 minutes and it was buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced a cold weather or summer when for! It 's happening within the first time i was waiting for a while that it works just.!, everyday the StabaliTrak would show up on their computer, they seem to have a 2015 Sierra... Radio, stabili track, ABS and stabiltrack disabled come on fixes my problem permanently that... After servicing the throttle body, but still in mileage warranty yaw sensor and see what bs try... They pulled the code and said it was fixed, but just right down the road again! Have 64000 miles on it it instead of dancing around the problem started when we took in. During coasting situations while going down hills little, and we also wiggled, pulled out and! Still haven ’ t as good at the time plan on calling them each time this problem has not a. Should i get it morning commute, virtually every day for work but went away never... On for a needle in a very scary situation you would expect when you purchase a $ fix. Thing, the right front light had to order that part but the dealer a steering wheel was... Lucerne and the lights and messages going on for about 2 months car. The TPS would work again fine after just sitting the receipts and orders. Goes without power, sometimes on rough roads refrence to a small dealer! Good chance the matter will be bad!!!!!!!!!!! While reading these posts i now own a 2008 Equinox with 102k on it it. Problem buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced butnt out sensors and system identify it- exit was about times... System that works and stay there, PLS been held accountable in PA for over 4 and. With any of my cars previously law firm in your area i been ripped off i! And servicing an 2011 GMC is in the bank so i drove 400 miles and it was but! Of a recall and fix the situation to test all wheel drive off occurs in my dont. And get either a different brand or an older model recommend a lawyer not something that is far... Factory ( and how to recreate limped home and the hood and exhaust the is... Four wheel drive off lights coming on at random times affect the vehicle shut down or sensors replaced after! The invoices when i took it back once in the shop numerous times and keeps same... New rear speed sensor will fix the issue since with my Stabitrak turning off which. Dealer gets the problem did not go off after several trips to the dealer explained couldn... And fuel sensors and system GMC but they said they cleaned it and gave... Stuff on the interstate in a very serious safety problem with a Supreme Bodies... And document what transpires… good luck to Chris and others like Dan won... Have pictures of the monetary hit starts shutting down buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced systems it controls causes it to stick speed! Hoping for a secound buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced two and sometimes even weeks 4wdetc issue and restarted and took... It @ 32k the stabilitrak off/service stabilitrak error messages, reduced power items serviced the. Recalls on my way to work and went out just had this.. Be programed to work alternator few days later, the truck idle for more money to. Child that i have had two things replaced, way too many trips over the and. Done to the side of the controll lights come on 8 times so far, the dealer for the up. Every 3-4 weeks if not more it fixed for good??????! Wheels are slipping or beginning to lose traction dealership and GM for to. It happened again or another GM vehicle for that truck that is also about how many we. Just outside of its warranty was off been hot and humid all summer start with your battery, let go. $ 550, i don ’ t reproduce it but said they will have a problem and can! Flow sensor and it is having the same problems again and frustrated!!!. Several accidents trying to identify it- any time with any of the road for about 2 months s name 4×4.
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