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Sie sind optimiert für hohe I/O-Performance und niedrige Latenzzeiten und eignen sich besonders für Anwendungen, die einen schnellen Zugriff auf Festplatten mit geringer Latenz benötigen, wie z.B. AMD EPYC 2nd Gen- und Intel® Xeon® Gold-Prozessoren sowie schnelle NVMe-SSDs bieten höchste Performance. If all slots are full and you create an additional one, then the oldest backup will be deleted. Volumes offer highly available and reliable SSD storage for your cloud servers. Sie können jedoch Windows selbst installieren. Server mit lokalen Festplatten halten alle Daten auf einem lokalen RAID-Spiegel auf dem Hostsystem. Wir beabsichtigen jedoch, ständig neue Funktionen und Services hinzuzufügen. Für die automatische Verwaltung der Cloud Infrastruktur stehen sämtliche Projektbasiertes Arbeiten wird durch das kluge Nutzerkonzept spielend leicht. If you wish, you may install Windows on your own, and we have seen successful installations done. This is a decent HA system for 90% startup adding just backup will make it perfect. However, we will not provide any support for Windows. Ggf. It has many extremely useful features and renting a server can be done in just a few seconds. In this way, all prices can be shown individually for your country. If you no longer want the server, simply delete it. Die umfangreiche Dokumentation erleichtert den Einstieg und zeigt Programmierbeispiele. Hetzner uses technologies to keep the service up, like RAID, DB Cluster etc. With our flexible scalable volumes, each cloud server can be expanded with additional SSD-based storage as needed. Servers have both a monthly price cap and a price per hour. Fault Tolerance: How can we have a ready Plan B/Backup/DR in place, so that if primary server fails, we can bring in a secondary server in an acceptable time? Customized virtual servers (additional RAM, additional/larger drives etc.) Zum Beispiel für den Betrieb eines Kubernetes-Clusters oder eines nicht öffentlich erreichbaren Datenbank-Servers. Like I explained in the beginning of the post, we are going to use "custom nodes". Sollte dies nicht ausreichen, werden je weiteres Die Backups werden täglich automatisiert erstellt. By using snapshots, you will pay only 0.01€ per GB per month and you can choose the frequency, schedule and retention. Dedicated vCPU Instances: Maximum performance with dedicated vCPUs. Gather infos about your Hetzner Cloud servers. And it enables rapid startup and boot times for you, the customer. While I did not use a lot of the raw performance of my old machine what I did use was a bit of RAM (Ruby projects). Prices incl. Do you not have a Robot, Cloud or DNS Console account? Leider können wir Ihnen keine genaue Roadmap der Dinge, an denen wir arbeiten, zur Verfügung stellen. Hello, I was wondering about 2 of your services and if they can work cross-datacenter. Insgesamt lassen sich Linux & System Admin Projects for $10 - $30. Ihre Cloud Instanzen werden in den Datacentern Our Hetzner module is basically designed in a way that WHMCS admin can sell/ resell the Hetzner's servers easily to their clients. Yes. And you’ll benefit from our redundant 10 Gbit network connection. Easy to use backup function; Only utilizes SSD (prevents the use of slow hard drives) Cheap Prices; Pay by the hour (ensure you turn off your server when done) 20TB monthly bandwidth the option to use private networks in Hetzner Cloud (NOT dedicated server): could I use a private network cross-datacenter (e.g. Hetzner offers you daily backups for 20% of the cloud server price and you cannot control when the backup will run or how many to keep. hetzner.hcloud.hcloud_server – Create and manage cloud servers on the Hetzner Cloud. Sie eignen sich besonders für höhere Verfügbarkeitsanforderungen: Fällt die lokale Host-Hardware aus, booten wir den Server auf einer anderen Maschine. I ended using a storage box from Hetzner trough restic's SSH backend. Die Berechnung Ihres Cloud Servers erfolgt, solange dieser angelegt ist und betrieben werden kann. They are especially suited for higher availability needs: If the local host hardware fails, we will boot the server on a different machine. Cloud Hosting is the flexible, scalable as well as high performing hosting solution which offers the business a set of features. fidividi. Durch bis zu 10 TB große Volumes und bis zu 16 Volumes pro Cloud Server sind unsere Volumes auch für speicherintensive Anwendungen geeignet. Ideal for running a kubernetes cluster or a database server that should not be reachable publicly. Your server's bill will never exceed its monthly price cap. They are for backup and Dropbox-like functionality. You can even choose how the files are restored. Alle Cloud Server haben sowohl eine monatliche Preisobergrenze als auch einen Preis pro Stunde. Or; Rebuild an existing server using the snapshot or backup as a source image. Our Hetzner module is designed in a way so that WHMCS admin can easily sell/resell the cloud servers of Hetzner to their clients. We’re happy to present new Hetzner DNS module, which allow you to offer your clients DNS services, new Intsallatron client function for Direct Admin module, new Ticket notification options and more! This module was called hcloud_server_facts before Ansible 2.9, returning ansible_facts and hcloud_server_facts.Note that the hetzner.hcloud.hcloud_server_info module no longer returns ansible_facts and the value was renamed to hcloud_server_info! TB nur 1,19 € verrechnet. We are actively looking into this option right now. It is easy to get started using our thorough documentation and programming examples. You get best-in-class performance with AMD EPYC 2nd Gen, Intel® Xeon® Gold processors and speedy NVMe SSDs. Ja. The CX11 for example comes with only 20 GB: If you no longer want the server, simply delete it. Any other recommendations/comments are hugely appreciated. From source. Häufig verwendete Anwendungsfälle wie TLS Termination & Passthrough werden ebenfalls unterstützt. I ended using a storage box from Hetzner trough restic's SSH backend. You can create a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) online that will be in accordance with Article 28 of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
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