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Please return it to TS for repair or regulation. Which way would I turn it to make the clock slow down. A friend's brother in Calgary AB is a clock fanatic and got my mum & dad's wedding present (1950) working again. Question. Once the hand is adjusted properly, you need to tighten the bushing. Skip to main content .us. Thank you for any advice. The adjustment nut is a large nut at the bottom of the pendulum just below the large disk or weight called the bob. Picture #6 shows the mechanism of a 7S26 movement, found in a Seiko 5. The bob will settle lower, making the effective length of the pendulum longer. After I regulated it it was working fine then stopped so I shook it to wind it up and then it started working. Your key should slide easily onto the arbor, but not so loose that either the key or the corners of the winding arbor can be damaged when you turn the key. Asked by Baird, March 30, 2019. Fortunately, they are relatively cheap. I've since transplanted the movement into an SKX case and decided to regulate it myself by trial and error. I have a vintage Seiko diver from late 70s that I think is running slow. Some escapements are “dead beat” escapements – even some cheap bent strap escapements that could be in a cuckoo clock. That's why a $185 Seiko 5 is selling on Amazon for under $70. The rack looks kind of like part of a gear (say a fourth). The bushing has a square hole in the center that fits onto a square at the end of the clock's minute arbor (the shaft that sticks out from the center of the clock dial). I found an old wind up mantel clock in an op shop. If it really is that old and has a battery, it probably has a balance wheel like a wind up watch. Thanks. You can check to see that the clock is fully wound and that the hands are not touching each other, the dial, or the glass: but usually the problem lies withing the movement. If you have any problems, it might be a good idea to find a clock repair services that have experience with the kind you have, such as the pendulum or balance wheel ones. After a few taps everything should be back to normal. Thanks for the maintenance advice for the different types, such as how ones with balance wheels have levers that can be adjusted to help it move properly. Harbor Freight has a cheap pair of digital calipers that will work just fine for this purpose. In general, moving the fork on the spring up will give more push to the pendulum and will cause a longer rotation which will make it slower. Watch Repair. VERY COOL 80s MODEL! Mike. Sometimes oil can decrease the friction, but usually the wear must be corrected to return the clock to proper time keeping. I am passionate about restoring and repairing antique clocks. How to properly adjust speed of Seiko 5 auto? I just had it serviced, but I had to go all the way to El Paso Texas to do the service because there are no clock repair shops in Las Cruces NM and I'm about 40 miles West of Las Cruses. Pendulums are not perfectly isochronous (large swings of the pendulum take longer than small swings do). A short swing takes less time, so the clock speeds up. I'm seeking the advice of the experts in this group to see if someone else has run into a similar issue. If you do use glue, be sure it is completely dry before replacing the hands a final time. tick . Either the pendulum is too short or it isn't getting enough swing. Thus as the movement becomes worn, the push the gear train gives to the pendulum is decreased, but the drag on the pendulum during locking is also decreased, so the arc of the pendulum can actually increase and the clock can slow down. IN STOPWATCH MODE A LARGE DIGITAL MAN RUNS. Additional Resources . I recomend the book "The 400-Day Repair Guide" by Charles Terwilliger. Many thanks If instead of slowing down the clock is gaining even more time per day, turn the wheel in the opposite direction. I have a similarly issue to John L in this string. The first is that there is nothing wrong and the clock is doing just what it is supposed to do. Most clocks from this era did not use an electric motor; they used a rotor. If this helped you, let me know! Top. ... Seiko specifies a gain/loss accuracy of up to 15 seconds per month for their watches. Thank you so very much. By the looks of things though, with these watches it's much more likely that if the watch is 10 seconds per minute off, then it's this specific fault. In order to avoid trouble such as stoppage, please recharge by exposing it to sunlight by a window for 5-6 hours once every month with the dial facing the … In that case you can order a key yourself. Listen to the tick tock. I have a nice grandmother clock & the time runs fast. Both can be manually adjusted. In fact there is no name brand either. TimeSavers ( has a variety of adjustable pendulums for sale. I found an anniversary clock in a thrift store that needed a new suspension spring. Try to recharge it often, and make sure to expose it to sunlight by a window for 5-6 hours once every month with the dial facing the sun. On the rim of the wheel you will see a bunch of circles.
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