be sure to check out our stuffed-to-the-rafters Genshin Impact archives. Genshin Impact Best Team For Diluc By: foyerhead. He also wore a bird mask and a black cloak to hide his identity. Keqing is everyone’s favorite skeptic, even favored by the gods themselves. "Evil cannot go unpunished. Despite the fact that helping others is her duty as a maid, helping others is something she truly enjoys. Well, we have researched a bit and tried to pinpoint her age. Unfortunately for poor Venti, he’s stuck in a 15-year-old underage body and can’t satiate his alcoholism. Genshin Impact, like many other games, contains a Battle Pass. Sucrose’s name isn’t the only thing that’s sweet about her. While Diona is a huge fan of fish, it is best the food is not combined with any … He couldn't help but wonder: What was his father's view on faith in his final moments? Others think that drinking wine must surely remind him of his father, and that that is why he does not touch it. ", His family name, Ragnvindr, may be derived from the Old Norse words. She serves as an emissary and secretary for the Liyue Qixing. Diluc's solitary sojourn lasted for three years. Digg. When pressed about his drinking habits, he responds by saying that alcohol clouds his thoughts, and consuming it would impact his day-to-day work. Add to Favourites. November 1, 2020. All clues pointed toward a behemoth of an organization: The Fatui. After his close encounter with death, Diluc took a long hard look at his past and the anger he had harbored for so long. The prowess with which he laid waste to numerous Fatui strongholds caught their attention, and forced them to take action. Some had even abandoned their names. 0 Comments. Is this where the tale of justice ends? Empty titles were of no interest to him. She is slightly younger than him, and she calls him “senpai” in the Japanese audio, so she is 20-21 at most. I'd Use Diluc, Xingqiu(summon him and call his sword then switch back to Diluc, Barbara(Healing), and either anemo traveler for her CC or Xianling to give Diluc the fire buff and use her active. To the lost, perhaps a Vision is a beacon of light given by the gods to help them find a way forward. These events are routinely attended by enthusiastic fathers, eager to introduce their wonderful daughters to the young and single winery master. Players in this game start with a character known as Traveler and can pick a male card or a female card. Diluc could never have anticipated the way this battle would end: His Father, who had denied admittance into the Knights and who was shunned by the gods, defeated the monster with an unknown evil power—before that same power backfired, mortally wounding Crepus himself. He pressed on relentlessly, scarred but undeterred, like a fiery tornado burning through the dense fog of mystery. The faith that had been all but destroyed in the events surrounding his father's death? Kaeya returns his Vision under the guise of gifting him a vase. In the space of these four years, Eroch had been purged from the Knights of Favonius after being shown to be a traitor, while Grand Master Varka had left on an expedition, leaving Master Jean to assume the role of Acting Grand Master. For more Genshin Impact guides, walkthroughs, tips, tricks, and other content (we have memes!) All that was known about the anonymous guardian was that the smell of burning would follow in his wake, and that a flash of red flames would reveal his silhouette for but a moment in the darkness of the night before he disappeared in an instant. Such was the sheer outrageousness of this request that Diluc did not think it was even worth trying to argue. For example, her sweet flower projects that produce 70% more nectar. He learned that they made counterfeit Visions in secret, calling them "Delusions." A true lone wolf, this young lad is rarely seen interacting with humans, though doesn’t mind hanging with an actual wolf pack every now and then. Age: Physically, 15. The elegant and poised Jean Gunnhildr is already Acting Grand Master at such a young age. She first appears in Teyvat Chapter Storyline Chapter 1, Act 2: Farewell, the Archaic Lord. Over the course of his missions and patrols, the denizens of Mondstadt gradually came to know this young and passionate Cavalry Captain. Said to be able to bring even the most chaotic storms to her mercy, all her crew know they can trust her with their lives. ... its Klee but Klee is like 8 so she hasnt had the proper training Diluc has despite being a knight at a much earlier age than Diluc. Meeting Oz at 14 and joining the Knights of Favonius a year later, Fischl can be determined to be canonically 15 years old. November 29, 2020 at 6:12 am I believe she is atleast 15-16yrs old. Despite owning a winery, Diluc dislikes the mouthfeel of alcohol and prefers grape juice, which he keeps stocked at Angel's Share. Quite the eccentric fellow, Kaeya is Diluc’s adopted older brother (according to the webtoon). After all, how could he not be considering his manipulative tongue and strategic approach to missions. Elegant and divine in demeanor, she’s said to embody law and order. Some say poor, others may say practical. Players get an impressive amount of content for free, but are encouraged to spend money on wishes, which give players a small chance to add a new character to their Genshin Impact roster . Diluc knew he may never know the full truth, but that could never stop him from pursuing it. Learn best domain & exploration team / party, team setup & composition, team bonus skill, team build tips! Diluc left Mondstadt after his father's death on his 18th birthday, and by the time he returned 4 years later, Varka—who embarked on his expedition 6 months before the game's story—was already gone. His talents and skills saw him rise steadily through the ranks into the upper echelons of the network. The day that Crepus spoke these words to Diluc would turn out to be the latter's last as a Knight of Favonius. Diluc took it upon himself to take care of Kaeya just until Albedo finds a remedy. Her young and fresh mindset is exactly what people of Liyue need as her radical approach to life leads the future, teaching others to walk their own path. Diluc narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Eleven thanks to a third-party observer from the north, who was part of a vast underground intelligence network. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Diluc & Kaeya (Genshin Impact) Kaeya & Crepus (Genshin impact) Diluc & Crepus (genshin impact) Crepus Ragnvindr Diluc is a fine young gentleman in every conceivable respect. An experiment gone wrong by Albedo, that ended with Kaeya in the current form. As the owner of the Dawn Winery, Diluc is essentially in charge of the industry. Diluc (genshin impact girl ver) By LongDongChong Watch. For Chongyun, his positivity are all he needs to fend off whatever evil spirits lurk nearby, making him perfect for carrying the exorcism family trade.