You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. The mantle is flush against the wall for the most part except two places. I watched a video that shows to nail through the top surface into the mounting ledge. This forum is for all the woodturners out there. Apply the final coat of paint or finish. Thanks for the advice!! Use a level as a straight edge and connect the two marks with a line. If you mud the hollow, add some plaster of Paris powder to the mix. Your woodworking skills are displayed for several lifetimes in each project. (They even added studs between the studs right where I would hang the mirror – no anchors needed!) I already secured the mantel top.. slap my forhead, You might look at running a small piece of moulding across the back. Trim would spoil the look – especially if you’re going for a floating shelf look. a tip/strategy to share? 2. Saw or file away the material to the lines. The right way to do this is to scribe it to the wall. -- Don't anthropomorphize your handplanes. Add a piece of wide wood trim to the corner of the wall along the mantel, keeping a gap … -- Tony---- Reinholds,Pa.------ REMEMBER TO ALWAYS HAVE FUN : I wish I was close I would come whip it out for you ! Different wood requires different woodworking strategies - from cutting to finishing. The easiest thing to do when mounting into brick, stone, etc. bondo or mud i think wouldnt be wise as wood moves and the two of those would eventually crack.but then again i have the same problem with my mantel. Fasten the mantel to the wall as described in the directions above. The gap between the mantel and the trim was filled with caulk, and the nail holes were filled with putty before the entire fireplace was painted. You can also remove the drywall from the footprint of the mantle as well and it will sink right back in the hole. Look at the joint between the face and the house wall for evidence of movement. Second, the decor sitting on the mantel needs to help bridge the gap between the wide horizontal shelf and the large focal piece hanging (or leaning) above it. When you mount the mantle onto preexisting rough and uneven stone, won’t them be a gap between the mantle and the stone that will be visible on all 4 sides of the mantel. My grandfather displayed a cutlass in its scabbard on the wall above the mantel. What does mantel mean? -- Part of engineering is to know when to put your calculator down and pick up your tools. This forum is for scrollsawers: share your tips, ask questions... Have a question? We suggest that pilot holes be drilled prior to inserting the appropriate hardware for final installation on the wall surface. Latest Projects | — Bob Flexner. | Do Not Sell My Data LJ will not be held liable for the actions of any user. Choosing an appropriately sized focal piece is the first step. I’ve read about how people will use spackle. If you plan to paint the mantel, caulk any gaps along the wall. It slips forward about a quarter inch creating a gap between the mantle and the wall, and worse, a surface that isn't level, making it difficult to put some things on the mantle. Terms of Service “Excuse me while I whip this out” — Blazing Saddles, -- Half of what we read or hear about finishing is right. They hate it when you do that. Wood, your hand tools, you and a little know-how. I am painting the mantel but I need advice on how you guys would fill the gap. The first step in your shiplap accent wall is to remove everything from the wall including any nails.Use a putty knife to gently pry and remove baseboards, crown moulding and trim. --Vince Ricardo. Thankfully, the bit was long enough. I just bought 900mm gas cooker. Remember, there needs to be a 12-inch minimum gap between the bottom of the mantel and the top of the firebox, more so if the mantel is deeper than 1.5 inches. To ensure the true flush mount mantel, and to increase, even further, the strength of the brackets, we also recommend that you use our specially-designed router templates to create a mortise into which the brackets will slide and thus become a true, flush-mount floating mantel with no gap between mantel and wall. As it's closer to 45-degrees, the amount of friction is insufficient to hold the weight of the mantle flush against the wall. -- Bill, Yo! Brooklyn & Steel City :), ©2021 Verticalscope Inc. All Rights Reserved. I attached a picture. Latest Blog Entries | a challenge, perhaps? Vince (Handyman #1) took the mantel off (it was way easier than I thought it would be) and the trim around the front of the fireplace, then started building a wall: And what a glorious wall it was. The distance between the wall units & work top will be 470mm. Would Joint compound work or do I need to plaster? Putty over the screwheads (or fill them with plugs if you're not painting). The caulking backer is a round foam solid tube that can be cut to length, inserted into the gap to seal it and hold the caulk. SmartWall™ TV Kit Brings the warmth from the fireplace to the rest of the home, up to 20 feet away, using a continuously running fan. Turn the mantel face down and measure the distance from the mantel's top edge to the gap in the mantel's backside. Manage Consent. Hey guys, I’m building a mantel and come to find out I didn’t frame the wall perfectly straight. The mantel's inside scribe molding is used to cover the gap between the mantel … Notch your window stool and set it in place. If the assumption are right and the gap is 3/4 inch wide, I would use a caulking backer in the gap before using a good grade painter's or acrylic caulk as a topper.