Combine the Wheat Chex, Rice Chex, nuts (peanuts, pecans, or cashews), and pretzel rods in a large … This post was sponsored by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. Once the cereal is well coated, add white and dark chocolate chips and mini peanut butter cups and marshmallows. Enjoy! If trail mix was all built like this recipe, you could rest assured that it is of the utmost quality; however, few store-bought trail mixes are this simple. Retain the recipe's total of 5 cups. Evenly coat all the pieces with the seasoned butter mixture. Always always always toast your nuts. While GORP is the original, most simple, and truly the most loved trail mix in my life, I enjoy pretty much every variety of trail mix you can make. In fact, Chex Mix is so good that it rarely lasts long once the bowl is set on the table. There is some contradiction as to which is the true "original" recipe, though there's little difference. Whether it’s for a quick road trip, a movie night, or a longer camping trip, GORP has long been a favorite for all of us. 2. Use unseasoned salt or reduce the salt if you prefer. Other variations use equal parts of salt and garlic powder. Trail mix is the perfect sweet and salty snack for long driving days, or for days spent on the go exploring a new city. That was an epiphany for me last year and I may never again use the oven to make granola. Easy to proportion into ziploc bags or small serving containers, this trail mix is also ideal for packing in lunches and tucking into backpacks. Stir in seasonings. 1 55+ Easy Dinner Recipes for Busy Weeknights Everybody understands the stuggle of getting dinner on the table after a long day. Hi, I’m Mary. Skip the nuts, add other types of snack foods, reduce the salt, make it vegan or gluten-free, or give it a sweet or spicy spin. Every element is customizable and making it from scratch allows you to change this recipe to suit your taste and dietary needs. To make GORP, you simply combine honey nut cheerios, raisins, nuts, and M&Ms in a container and mix well. Sure, the M&Ms might get a little soft in your hand, but that’s part of the fun! Carefully mix with a wooden spoon to avoid breaking the pretzels and cereal squares. Serve it with other snack mixes for a great spread at holiday parties or game nights. Step 1 In large microwavable bowl, mix cereals, nuts, pretzels and bagel chips; set aside. Gradually stir in remaining ingredients until evenly coated. ), The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Caramel Snack Attack Mix. Nov 10, 2018 - Explore Michele Shields's board "Homemade Chex Mix", followed by 295 people on Pinterest. (Nutrition information is calculated using an ingredient database and should be considered an estimate. From homemade: Replace the seasoned salt called for in slow-cooker Chex Mix with with one (1-ounce) package of taco seasoning or 1/4 cup of homemade taco seasoning and proceed with the recipe. Not that I’m a calorie counting kind of girl, but I don’t like feeling lethargic if I snack on a decent size bowl. Combine the cereals, pretzels, and nuts in a large microwave-safe bowl. The Best Guacamole That You Never Knew You Needed}. In large bowl mix cereals, pretzels, and peanuts. Combine the fruit, nuts and granola in a large bowl. 5This fills my 5 quart bowl to the brim, so you'll need a humongous bowl, or two large ones. We never share your information with third parties and will protect it in accordance with our. Chocolate is traditionally included in most recipes for GORP. That's why it has remained a favorite for so long, particularly around the holidays, with families passing on their own "secret" recipes. Bake for 40 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes so to evenly toast the mixture. See more ideas about chex mix, snack mix, chex. Chex Mix will keep well for a few weeks as long as it's stored in an airtight container and is properly sealed up every time someone grabs a handful. Gather the ingredients. Also for the original … But truthfully? I tried adding bits of granola to my trail mix and loved the added flavor and crunch from this Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola. I have probably mixed together a batch of GORP at least once if not twice a week all summer long. Spread on paper … I love the sweet crunch and they help keep it a little lighter. If you’re not a fan of peanuts or being mindful of a peanut allergy, feel free to experiment with using different kinds of nuts in this recipe. The updated "original" Chex Mix recipe adds bite-sized pretzels, bagel chips, and introduces Corn Chex to the mix (that cereal was not released until 1958). The improvisation and versatility is the real genius of Chex Party Mix. The blend of dried fruit for energy and nuts for protein and fat helps keep hunger at bay and keeps you going all travel day long. Transfer to an airtight container or individually portioned zip-close bags. My kids love this! This version is called "real original" because it is based on the recipe taken directly off the back of a 1950s Chex cereal box. Maple Glazed Trail MixNot only does this trail mix taste better than most store-bought brands, but … 1 1/2 cups nuts (peanuts, pecans, or cashews). Still, I love a fancy and indulgent snack mix every now and then. Here’s a helpful formula. I’m also intrigued by the inclusion of crunchy chickpeas in this Roasted Chickpea Snack Mix and I’ve added it to my list to make for noshing on a future road trip. Mix dried cherries, dark chocolate chunks or chips, white … Gradually stir in all … Cheery Cherry Chocolate. "Delicious! I’ve been traveling a lot over the past 6 weeks and constantly in need of quick, easy and tasty snacks to enjoy on the go. Kitchen Tip: I use these measuring cups and these containers (see above) to make this recipe. 9 cups cereal (Chex cereal preferred, but any savory variety will work) + 1 cup nuts + 5 cups add-ins (such as pretzels, chips, or crackers) This recipe’s blend of spices is also pretty traditional, and gives the mixture its bold, savory flavor. Stir well to thoroughly mix. The salty, savory, crunchy combination is delicious and fills your kitchen with a familiar, inviting aroma. In 13 x 9 x 2-inch baking pan combine KELLOGG'S CRISPIX cereal, nuts and pretzels. My friend told me what she adds to her trail mix and I just eyeballed it. Your main components should be peanuts and almonds. Place the mix in a shallow baking pan with sides. I suppose I could say a “recycled” or “repurposed” container and be far more trendy that way. You'll need to register or log in to upload images. 9 cups Rice Chex®, Corn Chex®, or Chocolate Chex® cereal (or combinbation) 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips. GORP is a snack mix with a little bit of sweet and salty goodness in every bite. This Cherry Chocolate Pistachio Trail Mix, Pomegranate Guacamole {a.k.a. From store-bought: Toss a bag of traditional Chex Mix with 1 tablespoon of taco seasoning and a drizzle of olive oil. Don't use garlic powder as it changes the flavor profile and would be too strong. Create a custom mix of Corn, Rice, and Wheat Chex in any proportion. Double, triple or quadruple this healthy trail mix recipe and keep it on hand for when you need a sweet snack. Please read my disclosure policy. GORP is an acronym for “good old raisins and peanuts” which was, according to some, the very first trail mix. ©2021 BAREFEETINTHEKITCHEN.COM. I store the snack mix in an old mixed nut container from Costco. Tips for making the best trail mix recipe. Pour the butter mix over the dry ingredients and microwave on the high setting for 5 to 6 minutes, stirring every 2 minutes. instead of mixing them in with the rest). Transfer to an airtight container or individually portioned zip-close bags. Combine the cheerios, raisins, nuts, and candy in a large bowl. That mix also recommends butter while this cereal box recipe suggested margarine. The Chex mix recipe is similar, but they keep adding different ingredients each year. Preheat oven to 300 degrees. There are so many pre-packaged snacks available these days but GORP has remained the travel friendly snack I reach for the most. You can add craisins if you want, and any dried fruit.I only used about 12 oz almonds and about 2/3 tub of raisins. Chex is the home of the original Chex Mix and a range of Gluten Free cereals. Set aside. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, Score Big on Game Day With These Irresistible Super Bowl Snacks, 14 Delicious Ways to Use Nutritional Yeast. With a little bit of sweet and salty goodness in every bite, GORP is a snack mix that my family devours every time we make it. Some variation of GORP was always our trail mix of choice. This handy square canister of snack mix has a regular place in my camper kitchen and we all reach for it often. I just like the square sided containers from Costco for their space-saving storage and the fact that they’re something I already buy and can reuse. To make a nut-free Chex Mix, use Wheat and Rice Chex and pretzels, but replace the peanuts with pepitas and sunflower seeds. In comes this Almost-Everything Trail Mix recipe, loaded with a healthy mix of dried fruits and nuts, to take along for snacking. Stir in the Worcestershire sauce, seasoned salt, and garlic salt. Chex Party Mix is a classic snack that has been remade countless times over the years. Microwave uncovered on High 5 to 6 minutes, thoroughly stirring every 2 minutes. Today, GORP and trail mix are more or less synonymous. This delicious, easy Tropical Trail Mix recipe is ready in just five minutes … it’s the perfect … The flavor is so much better and it's 100% worth the few minutes that it takes.