print “Hello World” We ban users who address other users repeatedly like this, so please don't do it again on HN. Which would be less important, as mobile eclipses desktop, if mobile environments included a standard, bundled interpreter that users could easily access for tinkering, but that's very much not the case. The basic commands are as follows. In Year 1, 0 people have starved. > tl;dr - Minecraft is the new BASIC for most kids today. I believe hello world in ruby is even shorter than python (if that is what counts as a measurement here), since you can just use "p" as short of "puts", so: One can do the same with the python console. For the rest it's just "clear". People thought of Basic as not very readable, but in fact, it was in its more advanced form if you programmed right. I think beginners should not be, under any circumstances, suggested to start with PHP. Крис Пайн Научиться программировать будет соответствующий текст для честолюбивых Rubyist. It would highlight the line where the error happened. Python is the perfect candidate. There are a handful of good "learn to program in python" books out there and this one is similar; it is hard to know at which point someone using the book will pass from "Oh, I see, that's easy" to "Huh?" I remember reading that Aaron Swartz used to go to bed with his laptop in order to be able to quickly restore Reddit in the case it crashed during the night. > BASIC was the de facto operating system for most personal computers. I sucked at programming. I have numerous objections to the language design of Python so I stick to C++ and C for most work. Sure, when you get into async it might confuse young kids (or experienced programmers), but most beginner stuff won't need callbacks. Bei der Installation über den Microsoft Store wird der grundlegende Python3-Interpreter verwendet, jedoch werden zusätzlich zur Bereitstellung automatischer Updates Ihre PATH-Einstellungen für den aktuellen Benutzer eingerichtet (sodass kein Administratorzugriff erforderlich ist). Kids writing games before the afternoon is over. Step 2: Learn the Basic Syntax. And, yes, I am teaching my kids programming with Python. :-D I agree with you about C++ as it turns out. Javascript doesn't require setting up apache, etc. I got a 14yo to build a particle system in < 4hrs and after that he was hooked. Why exactly do bosons have such weird behavior at very low temperatures, with a large fraction of their number crowding into a single quantum state? I think that's the best way to get kids into coding, not some forcefed programming gui, but "Hey, here's a game you can play in class!" BASIC IS STILL the best language. File -> Open Folder… Right click on the .ipynb file you would like to open and select “Open in preview Notebook Editor”. Again, I don't have time to dig deeper. GOTO is like this for me. There's a young Python programmer on your lawn! This section covers all of the basics and more. An excellent version of modern BASIC. And Python's not as obscure as you'd think... don't discount the market share of Apple + Linux systems combined. After a couple decades of development it has grown into a language and system that far surpasses BASIC in its ability to teach people how to write programs and be productive right away. * Eiffel show tabs differently than spaces, after all those are two different characters). I'm going to give them a game like this, with code, and see if they can do something crazy with it! Our sense of the word comes from the ancient distinction between a…, Happy new year! Visual Basic? Python has the list of commands which is used while doing the programming for the same. Next thing you know, kids are all trying to one up each other's programming, pulling apart the source and putting it back together without realizing that they're programming. I got into electronics by pulling apart toys and looking what makes them tick, there's no reason the same couldn't be done for code. Someone built a simple processor with those red stones. Frankly i fear that the tech world is getting less and less tinker friendly decade by decade. However, for other interests Javascript or even Java or Swift may be more appropriate first languages. We can check it with id() function in python which returns the “identity” of an object. The book uses the "Turtle" module, based on LOGO, for much of this work. No, this article is wrong, like lots of others. THAT is the issue! The problem with PHP is all of those "no big deal tiny issues" add up to something reminiscent of death by 1000 papercuts. Let's not sell BASIC short -- its success wasn't just about ubiquity. I learned the language on a pile of code a departing colleague had written hastily in his last four months; he hadn't done a (terrible or) brilliant job of it, but I had no trouble making sense of it and beating it into working shape, despite being new to the language myself. I think it is much more common for novice non-programmers to look at some HTML/Javascript that they're curious about and then tweak the javascript a little to change the behavior of the webpage. > Frankly i fear that the tech world is getting less and less tinker friendly decade by decade. Python does not allow punctuation characters such as @, $, and % within identifiers. Prolog has those stupid dots just as COBOL does. I think an excellent solution to teach children programming is a combination of Python and the Raspberry Pi. Not sure on publishing but maybe try packaging it properly (I believe python apps can be wrapped into .exe files) and putting the package into something like dropbox folder? It's easy to be nostalgic about your first language (BASIC was mine), but I'd have to grant that (even if he does overstate the case) Dijkstra had a point: "It is practically impossible to teach good programming style to students that have had prior exposure to BASIC: as potential programmers they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration." * Erlang "Hammurabi, Hammurabi, I beg to report to you, Try these and I think you will find Python has no advantage except hype. What you've absorbed from the previous posts will be…, Is Python The New Basic? For instance Quake 1 had a "flight sim" of sorts that was basically done by one guy using Quake-C and some simple, freeware, modeling tools. Computers today keep regular users as far away from programming as possible. BTW if you are copying snippets of code from website "as is" in any language you will have to reformat it to fit your structure. The player builds things, moves things, gets things, does things, in a way that makes any one…, Learn to Program with Small Basic: An Introduction to Programming with Games, Art, Science, and Math is yet another addition to the growing list of programming books for people interesting in learning programming. But it's pretty close: OS X includes a Python distribution as do most Linux distributions. Also if you copy code so often that this is becoming an issue I'm not sure I would want someone like that working for me. Python OOP. Add package, done. This tutorial introduces the reader informally to the basic concepts and features of the Python language and system. Agreed that Javascript is the new BASIC, Python needs to be installed, just like BASIC javascript is already present on your computer whether you like it or not. That's why things like TypeScript exist and it makes OOP easier among other things. I was able to write a (1) shooter where you shoot down a plane that moves horizontally across the screen and the projectile was subject to 'gravity'. In terms of simplicity, Python vs Java is a no-brainer. I'm not a programmer but I've programmed a fair amount (for a non programmer) in research I've done.

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