Innocent tumours are usually sharply defined from the surrounding tissues, and show no tendency to spread into them or to pass by means of lymphatics and bloodvessels to neighbouring parts (fig. The drainage has therefore to make its way across India to the eastwards, now turning sharply round projecting ranges, now tumbling down ravines, or rushing along the valleys, until the rain which the Bombay sea-breeze has dropped upon the Western Ghats finally falls into the Bay of Bengal. Wise men read very sharply all your private history in your look and gait and behavior. Molars in general characters resembling those of Sarcophilus, but of more simple form, the cusps being less distinct and not so sharply pointed. Dean asked sharply, tired of Weller's game playing. The Dexter Creek Road departed from the highway a few miles north of town and climbed sharply up the eastern escarpment of the valley. Hence the Mediterranean region is characteristically one of winter rains, the distinctive feature becoming less sharply defined from south to north, and the amount of total annual fall increasing in the same direction. Only recently have educational, psychiatric, and medical professionals even been able to diagnose it, and even now, they are often sharply divided on the proper treatment. He glanced up sharply and noted the color in her cheeks. His purely abstract mode of regarding functions, apart from any mechanical or geometrical considerations, led the way to a new and sharply characterized development of the higher analysis in the hands of A. She was sharply aware of the separation between herself and her family. 74. She glanced back at him sharply and caught her breath. A diaphragm with a very narrow hole is placed on the stage, and the microscope sharply focused on the edges of the hole. His attention came sharply back to her. He liked good eating and drinking, although even here the cost was sharply looked after, the expenses of his kitchen mounting to no higher figure than 1800 a year. They, those strange men he had not previously known, stood out clearly and sharply from everyone else. He glanced up at her sharply and then frowned. 4), and the two regions are sharply distinguished by the character of their appendages. Among the opinions and voices in this immense, restless, brilliant, and proud sphere, Prince Andrew noticed the following sharply defined subdivisions of tendencies and parties: This portion of the law, designed to reassure foreign Catholics, met with little opposition; but the second portion, regulating the relations between state and church in Italy, was sharply criticized by deputies who, like Sella, recognized the ideal of a free church in a free state to be an impracticable dream. He criticizes sharply (pp. shouted the prince, pushing the book aside and turning sharply away; but rising immediately, he paced up and down, lightly touched his daughter's hair and sat down again. Colors that fall on the opposite side of the color wheel sharply contrast one another, and thereby make the first color "pop" (this one of the reasons why red and green go together so nicely at Christmas time). The Cascade Mountains divide the state topographically into two sharply contrasted parts. share price of AOL - Time Warner declined sharply. The wound opened again and the salt he threw into it drew a sharp response from her. However this analysis excludes aviation, where emissions are rising sharply and would be responsible for 1/3 of all carbon emissions by 2050. from Brieg, the river bends sharply to the N.W., and runs in that direction to the Lake of Geneva. The Growing Up proposals in 1999 put this sharply into context for the United Reformed church in relation to the Five Marks of Mission. The borders between man and machine, especially between mind and computer, are no longer so sharply demarcated. On these the belt of greatest density can be easily traced, and it follows very closely the course of the Milky Way; but, whereas the latter is a belt having rather sharply defined boundaries, the star-density decreases gradually and continuously from the galactic equator to the galactic poles. He was the twelfhynde man of the laws, sharply divided from the twyhynde man or ceorl. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. After the first several feet, the angle of the slope dropped more sharply and he was forced to move to his left to avoid falling. The Egri-dagh possesses a sharply defined crest, ranges at a general elevation of 8000 ft., is bare of timber, scantily supplied with water, and rugged and deeply fissured. To hell with you, he said sharply. The most noteworthy point of distinction is in the skull, in which the facial portion is sharply bent down on the posterior basal axis in the fashion characteristic of the hollow-horned ruminants (oxen, antelopes, &c.), and the American prongbuck, instead of running more or less nearly parallel to the same, as in deer. The main stream has its source in two lakes named Tsaring-nor and Oring-nor, lying about 35° N., 97° E., and after flowing with a south-easterly course it bends sharply to the north-west and north, entering China in the province of Kansuh in lat. ashlar stonework contrast sharply with the rendered side walls. She would also make sudden, unpredictable moves and call sharply on a number of students in turn to answer the same question. The Vindhyan series is generally sharply marked off from older rocks; but in the Godavari valley there is no well-defined line between them and the Transition rocks. The arid portion, as compared with the eastern portion, of the state has alike the advantages and disadvantages of a climate more sharply characterized. Blue chip issues were sharply higher by the end of the day. The spectrum, which closely resembles that of a sunspot, is marked by flutings or bands of lines sharply bounded on the violet side and fading off towards the red. He glanced up sharply, his gaze searching her face. 92. This decision was subsequently sharply criticized by Clinton as unmilitary, and as having been made contrary to his instructions. Crystals have the form of small, sharply defined cubes of an oliveor grass-green colour, and occur together in considerable numbers on the matrix of the specimens. When the peneplain was uplifted the weaker strata were worn down almost to a lowland of a second generation, while the resistant sandstones, of which there a1~- three chief members, retained a great part of their new-gained altitude in the form of long, narrow, even-crested ridges, well deserving of the name of Endless Motintains given them by the Indians, but here and there bending sharply in peculiar zigzags which give this Alleghany section of the mountains an unusual individuality. "/n==Authorities== - Among special treatises are: Kamarowsky, Le Tribunal international (traduit par Serge de Westman) (Paris, 1887); Rouard de Card, Les Destinees de l'arbitrage international, depuis la sentence rendue par le tribunal de Geneve (Paris, 1892); Michel Revon, L' Arbitrage international (Paris, 1892); Ferdinand Dreyfus, L'Arbitrage international (Paris, 1894) (where the earlier authorities are collected); A. All the advantages wan were hastily surrendered, and Montecucculi, sharply following up the retreat of the French, drove them over the Rhine and almost to the Vosges. 84. Many people believe house prices started to fall sharply from 1989 onwards, precipitating recession. It lies on and above the small river Bollin, the valley of which is flanked by high ground to east and west, the eastern hills rising sharply to heights above l000 ft. At about six days after birth the serum concentration of specific antibodies rises sharply, and this rise continues until adult levels are achieved by approximately the end of the first year. The saddle-backed bush-cricket (Ephippiger ephippiger) can be identified from the sharply defined black line at the back of the head. Thence the channel turns sharply westward, beginning the great zigzag mentioned. This takes account of - (I) the ArcticAlpine zone, including all the vegetation of the region bordering on perpetual snow; (2) the Boreal zone, including the temperate lands of North America, Europe and Asia, all of which are substantially alike in botanical character; (3) the Tropical zone, divided sharply into (a) the tropical zone of the New World, and (b) the tropical zone of the Old World, the forms of which differ in a significant degree; (4) the Austral zone, comprising all continental land south of the equator, and sharply divided into three regions the floras of which are strikingly distinct - (a) South American, (b) South African and (c) Australian; (5) the Oceanic, comprising all oceanic islands, the flora of which consists exclusively of forms whose seeds could be drifted undestroyed by ocean currents or carried by birds. One species which is extremely common (Pelamis bicolor), and which is easily recognized by the black colour of its upper and the yellowish tints of its lower parts (both colours being sharply defined), has extended its range W. In the centre of the plain extends from north-east to south-west a series of low heights, now known as Turcovuni, culminating towards the south in the sharply pointed Lycabettus (1112 ft.), now called Hagios Georgios from the monastery which crowns its summit. 35. All the peaks remained snow-capped, giving sharply defined contrast to the green of their slopes and the blue of the summer sky. The women Hallgerda, Bergthora and Ragnhild are as sharply contrasted as the men Gunnar, Skarphedin, Flosi and Kari. Glancing up sharply, she studied his response as she spoke. Although Franklin was one of the biggest stars of the 1960s, her success declined sharply during the 1970s, when Franklin resisted adapting her musical style to maintain pace with the times. The relief of symptoms in whoopingcough is sharply to be distinguished from any influence on the course of the disease, since the drug does not abbreviate its duration by a single day. She stopped, sucking her breath in sharply and glanced around. Find words for sharply in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. After the sharply angular esthetic of the exterior of the church the visitor is surprised by the curves that everywhere meet the eye inside. Medical bills for smokers and nonsmokers alike have since risen sharply. With the provisos that if Lee turned upon Sherman, Grant must follow him up sharply,'and that Thomas could be left to deal with Hood (both of which could be, and were, done), the scheme might well be decisive of the war. The ridge itself is sharply etched - almost an arête - by a shallow rockslide which has taken away the original north top. A glance at the Milky Way, with its sharply defined irregular boundaries, its clefts and diverging spur, is almost sufficient to assure us that it is a real cluster of stars, and does not merely indicate the directions in which the universe extends farthest. For example, in sheet music there are symbols (crescendos) to indicate that the volume of the song should slowly increase, symbols to play a note short and sharply (staccato) and more. In the lowlands the Aral-Caspian deposits, which it is difficult to separate sharply from the later Tertiary, cover the whole of the area. The town, with its Perpendicular church and its picturesque market-cross, lies below the south-western face of the Mendip Hills, which rise sharply from 600 to Soo ft. This older classification, which has little support except that which is traditional, is still adhered to by many geologists; hut the fact seems to be that the system is set off from the Pennsylvanian (Upper Carboniferous) more sharply than the Cambrian is from the Ordoviciao, the Silurian from the Devonian, or the Devonian from the Mississippian. Overhydration can cause acidosis (a condition in which blood and body tissues have an abnormally high acid content), anemia, cyanosis (a condition that occurs when oxygen levels in the blood drop sharply), hemorrhage, and shock. This minor official nobility was the strength of the crown, and was sharply divided in spirit and ambition from the older feudal aristocracy which descended from the original adventurers who had followed William the Conqueror. The seasons are sharply demarked; both winter and summer come suddenly. He glanced at her sharply and regarded her thoughtfully for a few moments. The bell rang out sharply, alerting the startled students of a fire drill. ", but if you live your life as if you are really someone else, dealing with it may involve bouts of depression and doubt about your own identity. He glanced up sharply, his lips thinning down and his face paling. On the 14th ands 5th, attacking sharply on the Russian front and lapping round both its flanks, Oku won an important and handsome victory, at a cost of 1200 men out of 35,000 engaged, while the Russians, with a loss of at least 3600 out of about 25,000 engaged, retired in disorder. Curving her arms, Natasha held out her skirts as dancers do, ran back a few steps, turned, cut a caper, brought her little feet sharply together, and made some steps on the very tips of her toes. differentiate sharply in favor of manufacturing industries, upon which the competitive strength of the economy depends. Maximowiczfinds that 40% of the plants of Manchuria are common to Europe and Asia, but the proportion falls sharply to i6% in the case of Japan. The Higher Fungi fall into three groups: the Ustilaginales, of doubtful position, and the two very sharply marked groups Basidiales and A scomycetes. The palate is long and narrow; its mucous surface has seventeen pairs of not very sharply defined oblique ridges, extending as far back as the last molar tooth, beyond which the velum palati extends for about 3 in., having a soft corrugated surface, and ending posteriorly in an arched border without a uvula. The temperature gradient at the confines of the photosphere must certainly ascend sharply at first. 250. There is further an important piece of evidence which connects together all the Safine tribes and distinguishes them sharply, at least in the 5th and following centuries B.C., from the earlier strata of population in Italy. in diameter, and with the shoots or young branches more or less angular; the glossy deltoid leaves are sharply pointed, somewhat cordate at the base, and with flattened petioles; the fertile catkins ripen about the middle of June, when their opening capsules discharge the cottony seeds which have given the tree its common western name; in New England it is sometimes called the "river poplar.". The colour of the buck is a deep brown-black above, sharply marked off from the white of the belly. Lisa glanced sharply at Sarah, a slow flush invading her face. "We're not engaged," she cut him off sharply, "practically or otherwise.". In the formation of arbores cent colonies, two sharply FIG. Imagine this stratum to be uniformly filled with stars (of course in the actual universe instead of sharply defined boundaries AB and CD, we shall have a gradual thinning out of the stars) it follows that in the two directions SP and SP' the fewest stars will be seen; these then are the directions of the galactic poles. From its peak, the share price of AOL - Time Warner declined sharply. Fatty accumulations in the tissues of the body are found in health and in pathological conditions; these are usually recognized and described as fatty infiltrations and fatty degenerations, but there are intermediate conditions which make it difficult to separate sharply these processes. It connects the moral world by a deductive process with the fundamental idea of knowledge and being; it offers a view of the entire world of human action which at all events aims at being exhaustive; it presents an arrangement of the matter of the science which tabulates its constituents after the model of the physical sciences; and it supplies a sharply defined treatment of specific moral phenomena in their relation to the fundamental idea of human life as a whole. He wrote sharply against the Quakers, whom he seems always to have held in utter abhorrence. A small part of the main line of the Chilterns is included in the south of the county, the hills rising sharply from the lowland to bare heights exceeding 600 ft. Somewhere up ahead was a sharp turn. : Not a scrap of paper or a sheet of plastic mars its ancient premises in sharp contrast to the clutter that usually defiles our heritage sites. former methods of interpretation, and with the ardour of a discoverer of a new truth seeks to establish its currency throughout the entire field of apocalyptic. But his conduct after the battle was sharply criticized in England, and its negative results were used as a weapon against the ministry. In the temperate zone, where the seasons are sharply contrasted, but follow each other with regularity, foresight and self-denial were fostered, because if men did not exercise these qualities seed-time or harvest might pass into lost opportunities and the tribes would suffer. Theta power decreased sharply 240 ms before movement ended at the rewarded end, but not at the unrewarded end of the track. of the southern shores of the river San Juan and of Lake Nicaragua, terminates at Salinas Bay on the Pacific; its southern frontier skirts the valley of the Sixola or Tiliri, strikes south-east along the crests of the Talamanca Mountains as far as 9° N., and then turns sharply south, ending in Burica Point. ), where it turns sharply southward to a junction with the Napo in about lat. Camille sharply replied that he would answer with Rousseau, - "burning is not answering," and a bitter quarrel thereupon ensued. Oecolampadius welcomed him to Basel, where in 1524 he put forth thirteen theses sharply antagonizing Roman doctrine. But while thus sharply distinguishing the physical and the psychical in appearance, he follows Fechner in identifying them in reality; except that Fechner's identification is noumenal, Wundt's phenomenal. Again, the Reformation had drawn a line round the canon - sharply in Calvinism, less sharply in Lutheranism (which also gave a quasi normative position to its Confessions of Faith). He showed that not only as regards beasts, but also as regards birds, these regions are thus sharply limited. His impulsive objection to some of Bishop Carroll's instructions was sharply rebuked, and he was recalled to Baltimore. Brown looked sharply back at the road behind him; the man with the barrow had suddenly vanished. he snapped sharply enough to make her jump. In the end the Federals were sharply pursued, but McClellan had gained a long start and, fighting victoriously almost every day, at length placed himself in a secure position on the James, which was now patrolled by the Federal warships (June 26 - July I). Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. His pupils were contracted by the bright sunlight and his light green eyes contrasted sharply with his bronze tan. Examples of Sharp in a sentence. '. "Father, I'd rather—" "No," he said sharply. "Don't do that," Bordeaux told her sharply. On the European-African side the descending movement is more marked, partly because the coast-line is much more irregular and the northward current is deflected against it by the earth's rotation, and partly because of the outflow of salt water from the Mediterranean; here the movement is traceable to at least 1000 fathoms. Protestant creeds had clearly affirmed that nothing possessed authority which was not in Scripture: in a short time, Protestant theologians - following an impulse common to all Christian communions - define more sharply the - identity of what is authoritative with the letter of Scripture, and call these entire contents dogmas. 6) at a finite distance from the axis (or with an infinitely O distant object, a point which subtends a finite angle at the system) is, in general, even then not sharply reproduced, if the pencil of rays issuing FIG. From its most southern point the Orange turns sharply N.W. If one end is sharply pressed in, a compression can be seen running along the spring. The cones, more or less sharply differentiated, terminated certain of the branches. The societies were distinctly understood to be part of the established church, as Wedgwood's were, and every attempt at estranging them therefrom was sharply reproved; but persecution made their position anomalous. Definition of sharply in the Fine Dictionary. Only points lying on the plane focused for can be sharply reproduced in the retina, which acts as object-plane to the retina. Long dislocations have sharply defined its northern and southern margins. So why did both CBS and QVC stock jump so sharply? He slammed the tray on the counter and Chet glanced up sharply, eyeing Cade suspiciously. When the curve after its steep descent has almost reached the axis, it bends aside sharply and becomes a nearly horizontal straight line; the authors suggest that the critical temperature should be defined as that corresponding to the point of maximum curvature. Josh turned his head sharply and snorted. Sharply: in a strikingly neat and trim manner. On takeoff it rolled sharply and away from the crowd, the flickering afterburner adding to the effect. In the case of the Gulf Stream, which is not much impeded by the land, this descending motion is relatively slight, being perhaps largely due to the greater specific gravity of the water; it ceases to be perceptible beyond about 500 fathoms. The beams should be a dark stain to contrast sharply with a white or buff colored ceiling and walls. Among Lessing's chief friends during his second residence in Berlin were the philosopher Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786), in association with whom he wrote in 1755 an admirable treatise, Pope ein Metaphysiker 1 tracing sharply the lines which separate the poet from the philosopher. The officers were beginning to assemble when the sharp report of a musket near by was heard. also consists of red stars with banded spectra, but the bands differ in arrangement and appearance from those in the third type, and are sharply bounded on the red side. Over the hill a fox was barking sharply. "They aren't responsible!" Another word for furiously. rr), separate it sharply from the relatively fragmentary narrative in (b); see further Samuel. To the north the town is sheltered by hills rising sharply to heights of 400 to 500 ft., on several of which, such as Sugarloaf and Castle Hills, are ancient earthworks. Examples of sharply in a sentence, how to use it. They do not represent the opinions of Betsy pirouetted sharply and continued up the stairs. Mosaic disease " is the name given to a condition in which the leaves are more or less sharply differentiated into light and dark green patches. The north temperate region is more sharply separated from the other two than the south temperate region from the tropical. The site of the old town slopes sharply upward from the harbour, to the west of which there extends an esplanade and modern residential quarter; for Penzance, with its mild climate, is in considerable favour as a health resort. It continues in this direction as far as the northern end of Lake Mjosen in Norway (61° N.), then turns sharply north-north-eastward, runs west of Lake Siljan and bends north-east to strike the Bothnian coast near Skelleftea. Fertility starts declining during the 20s, and sharply drops after age 35. sharp. The order thus defined (see Giesbrecht and Schmeil, Das Tierreich, 1898), with far over a thousand species (Hansen, 1900), embraces forms of extreme diversity, although, when species are known in all their phases and both sexes, they constantly tend to prove that there are no sharply dividing lines between the free-living, the semi-parasitic, and those which in adult life are wholly parasitic and then sometimes grotesquely unlike the normal standard. He supported the church in its conflicts with the civil powers in Venice, France and England, and sharply criticized James I. But the staunch Federalists of the senate, who had begun to draw the party lines rather sharply, found the presence of the young Genevan highly distasteful. The upper surface of the elytron is sharply folded inwards at intervals, so as to give rise to a regular series of external longitudinal furrows (striae) and to form a set of supports between the two chitinous layers forming the elytron. The Cleveland hills rise sharply southward, to elevations sometimes exceeding 1000 ft., and are scored with deep and picturesque glens. gathered momentum sharply in the past year. as to its execution; the conception and style are essentially Florentine, carried out by Leonardo to a point of intense and almost glittering finish, of quintessential, almost overstrained, refinement in design and expression, and invested with a new element of romance by the landscape in which the scene is set - a strange watered country of basaltic caves and arches, with the lights and shadows striking sharply and yet mysteriously among rocks, some upright, some jutting, some pendent, all tufted here and there with exquisite growths of shrub and flower. He had to brake sharply to avoid what he thought would be a head-on collision. Information and translations of sharply in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. How to say sharply in English? marks an effort to define the line of the Church of England sharply against current Roman teaching. "Father, I'd rather—" "No," he said sharply. The anterior third of the body is attenuated and sharply marked off from the bulbous trunk in Didymozoon. These leggings feature the traditional stirrups of yesteryear, along with a high percentage of spandex and a sharply tapered leg. It has been shown especially in the Uredineae and Erysiphaceae that many forms which can hardly be distinguished morphologically, or which cannot be differentiated at all by structural characters, are not reall y homogeneous but consist of a number of forms which are se se s g sharply distinguishable by their infecting power.

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