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The movie starts out pretty great with some interesting characters and lots of quirky moments. Starring Alexandra Daddario, Maddie Hasson, Amy Forsyth, Keean Johnson, Logan Miller, … Those kids include three likely lads who the girls pick up at the show and bring back to Alexis’ parents’ place. © Copyright 2021 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. It’s a sunny day and we’re on a highway in the middle of nowhere, just like in the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” In a ground-level shot, we’re treated to the sight of a live rabbit on asphalt as opposed to a dead armadillo. for bloody violence, pervasive language, some drug use and sexual references. And the movie demonstrates how the notion of “satanic heavy-metal murders” is, indeed, a corny concocted 1980s cliché that could also be, in its way, the tip of something real. It’s meant to entertain and thrill those looking for something more fun and less serious and if that’s your endgame well maybe this movie offers enough to tide you over. Johnny Knoxville We Summon The Darkness is a new horror thriller with elements of dark humor. Unfortunately, We Summon the Darkness is hampered by Daddario's performance, which feels like a stretch any way you slice it. We Summon the Darkness, directed by Marc Meyers, is one of those sort of modern horror-thrillers that, while well-made, features a big twist that isn’t half as interesting as the … In “We Summon the Darkness,” Meyers refuses to treat the slasher movie as a cheeky debased genre. 6:00 AM PDT 4/6/2020 by David Rooney ... one of three badass young women headed to a heavy metal concert in middle-of-nowhere Indiana in We Summon … Without giving too much away, aspects of ‘We Summon the Darkness’ reminded me a lot of the 2015 film ‘Green Room‘. It’s not just the spot-on banter (the exact right metal bands name-checked) or how their attempts to be badass are so much more innocent than today’s. 67. Two groups leave a heavy metal concert for a night of partying that gets interrupted by a satanic cult. Despite a third act fumble that renders the climax disappointingly conventional, this satanic, heavy metal horror-comedy is everything that audiences never knew they wanted. ‘We Summon the Darkness’: Film Review Marc Meyers' '80s psycho thriller about a trio of young metalhead vipers plays off the mythology of satanic heavy-metal murders and … Platinum blonde with very pronounced roots Val (Maddie Hasson) complains of a weak bladder, only to be chided by driver and the trio’s alpha Alexis (Alexandra Daddario); the most reserved of the girls is Amy Forsyth’s Bev. The place is a very ’80s idea of luxe — it looks like a colonial manor-house restaurant that specializes in fondue. There are stabbings, slashings, even a power tool (a rotary brush cutter), but there’s no unnecessary blood gush. Club Katie Rife. The film stars Alexandra Daddario, Keean Johnson, Maddie Hasson, Amy Forsyth, Logan Miller, Austin Swift, and Johnny Knoxville.. Giving Marc Meyers credit, We Summon the Darkness superficially achieves what it sets out to in capturing a distinctly cult/slasher flair. Heaven and Earth: Meyers Tackles Organized Religion with Droll Thriller Director Marc Meyers returns to the isolating terrors of the rural Midwest in a different kind of period piece one might likely expect from him with We Summon the Darkness, a late-80s subversive genre film which some could mistake as a comedy-hybrid—but despite the hysterical […] The opening shots attempt to establish bonafides through allusion. As the film’s trailer has already revealed, the lambs in this case aren’t going to the slaughter. Once the carnage begins, things become a little more pro forma, up to and including an unexpected visitor, the cutting of the house lights, and more, including Knoxville showing up again, this time in the flesh. We Summon the Darkness is very lacking. We Summon the Darkness, now streaming on Netflix, is the latest entry into the genre, a twisty riff on Satanic Panic and the classic slashers we can’t help but return to over and over again. The proceedings are not entirely unamusing in their lurid way, but they’re also not nearly as clever as the filmmakers believed or hoped they would be. The movie, set in 1988, opens with three young women driving to a heavy-metal show in their red Jeep Cherokee along a country highway; for a short spell, it feels like a thousand slasher movies made in the kids-in-the-wilderness mode of “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.” Yet there’s something a dash more time specific, less generic, about this trio, even as their potty-mouthed snark points toward the girls-just-want-to-have-what-we-want-to-have vibe of our own era: the leader, Alexis (Alexandra Daddario), with her flashing eyes and reckless ‘tude and inverted crucifix jewelry; Val (Maddie Hasson), a hellion who seems to have styled herself after Madonna by way of Max Max; and Bev (Amy Forsyth), the “nice” quiet one, wayward and a little spooky, who only recently joined up with this drop-dead cool clique. The year, lest you were wondering about anachronism, is 1988, and on a TV in the gas station’s convenience store an evangelical preacher (Johnny Knoxville) rails against satanic music while tabloid headlines blare news of a new Lucifer-inspired mass killing. The goofy bros are going to get something wholly other than what they bargained for, though. Parents need to know that We Summon the Darkness is a 1980s-set slasher movie that revolves around heavy metal Satan worshippers. If you are in the mood for a little bit of non-elevated horror, this new movie directed by Mark Myers (who made the mostly okay “ My Friend Dahmer ”) from a script by Alan Trezza (of the mightily disappointing “ Burying the Ex ”) could provide a satisfying hour and twenty or so. We Summon the Darkness, with its late-eighties setting, heavy-metal hottie heroines and, according to a local tabloid, a spate of Satanic killings occurring in the area, seems like one thing when it’s really another. What happens going forward may be insane, but he stages it with a cunning visual-dramatic logic, allowing neither perpetrators nor victims to cut corners. What we’re seeing in “We Summon the Darkness” mixes “Chain Saw” with a touch of Manson with a touch of Lena Dunham’s “Girls.” It’s like a good Blumhouse movie, told in elegantly framed images, and though the situation is extreme, the violent action is staged in a manner that one might describe as the understated version of over-the-top. The A.V. 'We Summon the Darkness': Film Review. I was genuinely surprised at how bad this movie was. 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That said, “We Summon the Darkness” is a horror ride worth taking, even if it may be the first film I’ve seen since the coronavirus hit that could totally have used a movie-theater audience. After the concert, the six head over to Alexis’ dad’s country estate to do some mad partying. Wow. And when Knoxville’s pastor shows up for real, the actor should have been a wily hoot of decadence, but instead he’s used as a lugubrious Lurch whose presence calls up the standard movie didacticism about toxic Christian hypocrisy. By Hannah Hoolihan Apr … I have seen other reviews crediting Alexandra Daddario's performance but I genuinely thought that was one of the worst parts. We Summon the Darkness ist ein ziemlicher Etikettenschwindel: kein Satanismus, nichts Höllisches, einfach ein absolut generischer Slasher, der ohne den Twist nach gut 20 Minuten keiner Erinnerung wert wäre.Dort entsteht ein schöner Perspektivenwechsel, der aber nicht gänzlich positiv wirkt, denn er zerstört die Logik und das Gesehene bis dahin komplett. Read his answers to our Movie Love Questionnaire here. Once you adjust to the fact that you’re watching a booby-trapped house-party slaughter movie, the dark-side-of-girl-power sociology that revved up the first half starts to fade a bit. While We Summon the Darkness is never quite as clever as it seems to believe, its surprising narrative is still a riot to watch and presents an adequate amount of gore for the fans of the genre. Marc Meyers' '80s psycho thriller about a trio of young metalhead vipers plays off the mythology of satanic heavy-metal murders and pulls the bloody rug out from under it too. Mark Meyers and Alan Trezza, the director and writer of We Summon the Darkness, play the ‘80s vibe of their retro slasher movie, We Summon the Darkness, to maximum effect, sometimes even using it for comedic purposes. It’s sprawling and comfy, with hideous mod furniture, and the kids take it over, moving into the backyard for a drinking game of Never Have I Ever. We Summon the Darkness is a 2019 American horror thriller film directed by Marc Meyers and written by Alan Trezza. SHARE. I really enjoyed Marc Meyers' film, "My Friend Dahmer". By. If you are in the mood for a little bit of non-elevated horror, this new movie directed by Mark Myers (who made the mostly okay “My Friend Dahmer”) from a script by Alan Trezza (of the mightily disappointing “Burying the Ex”) could provide a satisfying hour and twenty or so. Other snafus that occur are the vin ordinaire of a scenario in which characters who have committed themselves to mass slaughter find they aren’t very good at it. The film is propelled by a confident lead performance from Alexandra Daddario. "We Summon the Darkness" could have been such a good movie but sadly it failed. Without giving anything away, she over acts her heart out and made me cringe multiple times. It borrows elements from a lot of different brackets....80s culture, metal, kidnapping/torture, etc. We Summon The Darkness is a wickedly fun and delightfully devilish thrill ride led by electric performances from Alexandra Daddario and Maddie Hasson. We Summon the Darkness reminds audiences via radio broadcasts and TV news segments that there hangs over the area the shadow of Satanic activity: A gang of … A charged atmosphere at which to be attending a concert by Soldiers of Satan (whose supposed music, heard for only a fleeting moment, sounded pretty false metal to me), but really, the kids are only looking for a good time. “We Summon the Darkness” is a psycho thriller that pulls the bloody rug out from under you, and does it in a shivery sly way. The three stop at a roadside convenience store to stock up on Jolt Cola and Twinkies, and on the TV we see Pastor John Henry Butler, a televangelist played by Johnny Knoxville, as he denounces the evils of heavy metal; two of the girls pick up a tabloid newspaper with the headline “Teens slain in newest satanic killing!” The ’80s-nostalgia trifecta of metal, murder, and morality is almost too obvious, and the stage seems set for some sort of Rob Zombie movie, with these three as lambs to the slaughter. The director, in this case, is Marc Meyers, who made “My Friend Dahmer” (2017), a drama about the high-school life of Jeffrey Dahmer that I thought was a perverse sensation, full of riveting psychology and detail. After the show, the girls invite three guys to join them at the estate owned by Alexis’s father, a fire-and-brimstone preacher (Johnny Knoxville). Ridiculous, and borrowing heavily from more engaging films, We Summon the Darkness drapes itself in attempted pastiche but fails to cover itself in much bloodshed. We Summon the Darkness Review. He has a great eye when it comes to capturing certain time periods. ‘Green Room’ played on the old story of the punk rock music scene being infiltrated by Nazis and skinheads, and ‘We Summon the Darkness’ does a similar thing by paying homage to the “Satanic Panic” of the 1980s. as Pastor John Henry Butler, Spike Lee Recieves American Cinematheque Award, America Has to Come to a Reckoning: Director Sam Pollard on MLK/FBI, The TV Homages of WandaVision are an Amusing, Unfulfilling Distraction. In 1988, Alexis (Alexandra Daddario: Texas Chainsaw 3D 2013, Baywatch 2017 ), Val … He has written for a host of other publications and resides in Brooklyn. You don’t have to look far for one of the most deceiving titles to hit feature films. We Summon the Darkness Review: A Satanic Panic Adventure With Humor and Heavy Metal That Lacks Bite Stranger Things 4 Set Photos Reveal New Looks at … We Summon the Darkness is the brand new 2020 Horror movie, and this is my official spoiler free review. Rated R We Summon The Darkness, 2019 Directed by Marc Meyers. Inside a car traveling down that road are three rowdy metal chicks. We Summon The Darkness is a wickedly fun and delightfully devilish thrill ride led by electric performances from Alexandra Daddario and Maddie Hasson. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. Unfortunately, they forgot to add any scares along the way. Zehra Phelan-April 17, 2020. Facebook. Glenn Kenny was the chief film critic of Premiere magazine for almost half of its existence. That may sound alarming, but it only uses the idea of satanic cults as a plot device.Most of the time, it winks at horror film clichés, playing into some while disrupting others. We Summon the Darkness Review: 80s Heavy Metal Horror Throwback Fun. Also, it has quite a lot … Movie title: We Summon the Darkness Movie description: On the way to a heavy metal concert, Alexis (Alexandra Daddario) and two girlfriends hear a news report of a local murder believed to be tied to a series of satanic killings. “We Summon the Darkness” won’t win over anyone looking for something more thought provoking, sophisticated or unique, but maybe that wasn’t the point. The film maintains a light tone and, although that creates a breezy, unforced approach, it also undercuts tension.
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