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Ce génie du mal d'origine … So, in Master of Kung Fu you have Bruce Lee, James Bond, Fu Manchu and British Intelligence all beautifully blended together in the same comic book series. Because of this and his devotion to the teachings of the Chinese gods, the elderly magician Sing Po, a direct descendant of Aladdin (fuzzy relation), bequeathed him a set of magic chessmen that possessed all the powers of the original lamp without, apparently, the involvement of a genie. Characters. Aperture. box Science All Chara. Fu Chang was created by Joe Blair and Lin Steeter, both of whom disappeared from American comics shortly after. He debuted in 1940 as one of several back-up features in Pep Comics #1, published by MLJ Comics. On one such occasion, Joodar magically summoned water demons to try and take over the Chinatown of San Francisco. Fu Ma Bu Yao … 4. Archie Comics Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Date N° Titre; 28/10/2020: 1: A Bloody Crossing: 28/10/2020: 2: Where is the Husband ? In other words, Fu Chang was a plainclothes superhero, like Dick Cole and, during some phases of his existence, Bungleton Green, except at home, where he dressed funny.