Aaravos is halfway across the study when he hears it. After converting the prince from another kingdom, he becomes big, scary, and seemingly no longer capable of forming words, Viren, seeing how the rest of the army still isn’t sold on this, he turns the spell into a large-scale AOE, which converts people half a mile away. Rayla's panic from the previous episode is only growing, for good reason. 22 Nov. 2019 Dragonguard. Rayla and Callum find where it came from. Claudia taking a milkberry that she was searching for and offering it to a young deer while the other two flee. If he hadn't conjured mage wings at that moment, those would have been her final thoughts. just how many "impure" people have the elves killed in such a way? Aaravos is also capable of holding a grudge, as shown by his hatred of Avizandum for imprisoning him, a hatred that remains even after almost 300 years. Dark magic His skin gets darker in color across his torso and down his arms before lightening once more, and he has a glowing, white star marking on his chest, as well as glowing star markings across his face and hands. Avizandum is only on screen for a few minutes but he backs up his reputation without hesitation. Callum thought to himself that maybe taking his aunt's offer of accompanying the two here would have been a good idea after all; she would have been able to keep the Sunfire Queen calm. Goals The episode's titular dragon is a massive juggernaut of flame and hate. Aaravos looked to him to see the man grinning like he knew something. That someone turns out to be Aaravos. Aaravos does not care much for this vassal, save for the freedom and opportunities for revenge he provides. Lujanne can make some pretty terrifying illusions: Rayla investigates a strange noise and finds someone spun up in a spider's web warning her to turn back. First, he takes over an elf's body, then uses his power to darken the sky above the city. Whatever it was, it greatly distraught her. "Take Rayla to the infirmary. Did Aaravos whisper "they're human" before killing the sunfire elf queen? * TheUnreveal: We don't know what Aaravos whispered to the Sunfire Elf Queen, but it may have been something about her grandmother as he promised. Aaravos has empowered Viren to convert his army into mutated soldiers, impervious to dragon fire, and they march to Xadia. The human antagonists are basically just Viren and Claudia, I'd say that's pretty even. Aaravos is the superior villain. Viren's familiar has grown from the size of an inchworm to the size of a snake, revealed when it, We see what Aaravos is capable of on his own, and it is horrifying. Aaravos met Khessa when Viren surrendered himself to Lux Aurea with the intention to enter the city's castle. Unknown.goals = Assassinate Zym (failed).Break free from prison (ongoing). The transformed soldiers did not revert back to normal after the battle; what will life be like for them after the war is formally over? As the Crow Master works on his papers, there's a looming shadow behind him. The giant leech monster that the heroes fight. Displeased at being thwarted. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/NightmareFuel/TheDragonPrince. Manipulative Sorcerer, The Fallen StarThe Last of the Great OnesThe Bearer of Gifts. Very little is known about Aaravos' personal past. One of the drawings during the credits is the image of a hand clawing at the mirrors surface. Powers/Skills Elarion's Midnight StarThe Fallen StarThe Last of the Great OnesThe Bearer of Gifts Nyx remarks in passing that they should try and avoid the "husks" as they pass through the desert. When she cuts them loose, the inside reveals nothing but dust. Aaravos, in general, is kind of unnerving. ... And the fact that he seemed to also repeat the fate of the Sunfire Queen's grandmother seem to suggest that he wasnt only in conflict with the dragons but also the other elven nations. Viren's, or rather, Aaravos's plan to fight the elves: steal the power of the sunfire elves and use it to transform the human army into a legion of burning monsters. Can … To make this worse, reversing the dialogue to hear the words of the spell reveals that the material component he used to cast it was the, Aaravos manages to boost Viren's magic to the point that he can fight off an entire group of guards easily including, The worm Aaravos used to communicate with Viren. Khessa pushes the staff away, but Aaravos places his hand onto her cheek and forces her towards the edge of the platform. The thrill of Aaravos drinking him was far more intense. Aaravos has midnight blue skin, yellow eyes, and long, layered white hair. But en route, Aaravos convinces Viren to make a detour alone and travel to Lux Aurea where the Sunfire elves live, as they played a major role in his imprisonment. Listen VERY closely to that part and make sure you're somewhere quiet. Aaravos's caterpillar (now considerably larger) bites the Sunfire High Priest, corrupting not only the latter's Sun staff, but the Sunforge as well. Due to the bite, Aaravos is able to possess the body of the High Priest, and sadistically whispers to Khessa the fate of her grandmother, Queen Aditi, before disintegrating her … Occupation We can already tell what happened to the young deer. Formally, His facial wounds are nothing to scoff at either; the scales have been melted away leaving an ugly, raw mess of scar tissue over a half mutilated face. Minor antagonists would be Sunfire Queen (who is now gone), Soren (till he switched sides), Kasef and I guess Nyx which is still even. Aaravos is a tall, slender male Startouch Elf who has pure white flowing hair, deep purple horns, silver eyes with black sclera, and skin ranging from purple to dark blue to black with white stars dotted all over. If you do not wish to know vital information on plot / character elements in a story, you may not wish to read beyond this warning: We hold no responsibility for any negative effects these facts may have on your enjoyment of said media should you continue. Taking place in a fantasy setting with magic, there's going to be plenty of creepy things ahead. 9.2 (407) 0. Rate. There is a deep groove worn into the floor of the Sunforge that the beam travels through on it's way to "purify" Viran. Created by Aaron Ehasz, Justin Richmond. We think he said "human" as the last word. If the sun rises before you're all the way over (and it's a pretty wide river), the runes disappear, and you're screwed. to: * TrojanPrisoner: Aaravos has Viren allow himself to be captured by the Sunfire elves under the pretense of bartering passage through their lands, knowing their queen will try to use the Sunfire forge to purify the dark magic he's tainted with. Whether he still does or not remains to be seen. Remember back in Book 1 when Claudia used dark magic to create wolves made from shadow and smoke? The series' creators have stated he is a complex character, and that he was erased from history because he was disliked, not necessarily because he was evil. Aaravos whispers into Viren's ear to get up, seeing as he has visitors approaching. Alias He is voiced by Erik Todd Dellums, who also voiced Koh, the Face-Stealer, in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Rate. 1. He's probably going to have nightmares about this! Thankfully, it may not be that simple, or Viren, being the pragmatist that he is, would have done exactly that. Two human princes forge an unlikely bond with the elfin assassin sent to kill them, embarking on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands. It's all, Callum and Ezran's fake hostage situation is a terrifying. Dad?” Soren huffed as he leant on his sword. And from Callum's perspective, she's only in this situation because he failed to stop Viren from climbing up the Spire. After Viren rallies his forces to march onto Xadia, Aaravos continues to aid and guide him down his path of conquest, leading them to the Sunfire Elf city. He beheld himself, once again clad in a fine robe, though now with the addition of his hair standing on end the way Aaravos' now did and there was a strange glow to his eyes. After Viren rallies his forces to march onto Xadia, Aaravos continues to aid and guide him down his path of conquest, leading them to the Sunfire Elf city. Crimes It is there that Aaravos kills their queen and takes their greatest power, the Sunfire Forge, for themselves. 9,992 Likes, 905 Comments - The Dragon Prince (@dragonprinceofficial) on Instagram: “We're doing ComicCon@Home, and we're looking for questions for our cast and creators to answer for…” The man is angry, Aaravos knows. According to Runaan, whatever the enchanted mirror's function is, it's. Prime examples of this, are him earning the trust and loyalty of Lord Viren (who is an extremely intelligent and cunning individual in his own right), and his trick on the Sunfire Elves, anticipating their every decision with complete accuracy. In this episode we see what his fear stems from when Avizandum, the King of the Dragons, is on full display. He is usually rather casual in his body language and mannerisms, and hardly ever loses his temper or raises his voice. So you know how we think we heard the end of what Aaravos said to Queen Khessa? Sol and Aaravos are the Xadian antagonists (if I recall the devs said he will be making more appearances). He is also somewhat smug, as he speaks to Viren as if he were a child. Created by Aaron Ehasz, Justin Richmond. You Have Been Warned. Viren, Claudia and Aaravos reappear, sowing their power through the beings of Xadia who refuse peace with the humans. The walled town would have had women, children, and old people living there, and the dragon was fire-strafing it indiscriminately. The face on the illusion spider's back. Aaravos is … The bug he uses for communicating is placed right on the ear. Aaravos can find no source of it; he is alone. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Aaravos?oldid=4129327. He also knows when to back down from a fight that cannot be won, shown when he stopped Viren from trying to fight a group of archers which surrounded him. Braise was a young female elf, a bit scrawny but about as tall as Ibis. "Yes, my queen." Rate. Remember when Viren said that the Dragon Prince would grow up to be the most powerful creature in the world? Remember that soul-leeching serpent that Viren had back in season 1? Type of Villain To change his appearance from his true form to a healthy look, Aaravos sends a Sunray Monarch to Viren, which changes his appearance. The whisper comes again, sharper this time and it tugs at Aaravos, harder now, like a knife in the ribs. After sticking mostly to, Callum finally being driven to use dark magic. I thought like this because Aditi is not on the first picture where we saw Aaravos but on the second. With Rena Anakwe, Racquel Belmonte, Paula Burrows, Ian James Corlett. No information Upon meeting her, Aaravos condescendingly called Khessa as arrogant as her grandmother Aditi, before asking her if she desired to know how she had died. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. After draining enough of the Dragon Prince's vitality a… With the man who preformed the change presumed dead there may be no reversing the process, trapping them as soulless monsters for the rest of their lives. According to auxiliary material, Aaravos may have held a soft spot for humanity, as it is implied he taught them the ways of Dark Magic so they could hold their own against, if not exceed the elves. Even though the heroes had won and peace between humans and Xadia a real possibility, Aaravos, Viren, and Claudia all survive. However, this hasn't been confirmed or disproven. “Who? He also came to possess a cube with symbols of the Primal Sources on each side said to be the key to unlocking great power in Xadia which would one day be called the Key of Aaravos. Aaravos may have been responsible for Aditi's death. Let that sink in; Viren can twist anyone he chooses into a monstrous slave. Aaravos told her the spell he used to kill her grandmother. He then whispers something indistinctily, causing Khessa's eyes to widen in shock, before Aaravos touches her chin, applying a spell which then causes her body to disintegrate. Two human princes forge an unlikely bond with the elfin assassin sent to kill them, embarking on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands. Like other Startouch elves, he is extremely long lived, as he is roughly 5,000 years old at the time he is introduced. With Paula Burrows, Jack De Sena, Sasha Rojen, Jason Simpson. Even once Rayla kills it, it erupts into smaller leeches and she gets covered in them before Callum knocks them all off. Aaravos is one of the main antagonists of the Netflix TV series The Dragon Prince. However, by speaking the trigger words to the spell (the incantation) he was able to cast it by flicking her chin. There's someone with four fingers trapped inside the mirror Viren took. Posted by 4 months ago. Viren taking what seems to be an enchanted butterfly, and after a flash of light in his office, he walks out refreshed while the butterfly looks grey and dead on the floor. Apparently, the former victims of said serpents are still wandering about... and are dangerous enough for a seasoned traveler to avoid them like the plague. However, Aaravos is not incapable of making mistakes, as he failed to anticipate that Rayla would be brave enough to sacrifice herself to save the Dragon Prince by throwing herself and Viren off the Storm Spire. His eyes sometimes glow white when he uses magic. The. It's best not to consider what your soul goes through after the serpents take them. Was. He remains completely calm even when Viren threatened to smash his mirror and when he disintegrates the Sunfire Elf queen. But the weight of magic, strong and Dark hangs heavy in the air. It must have been bad for Rayla as well; from her perspective, Callum had just killed himself in a futile effort to save her. Poor Rayla is taken completely off guard by this, Claudia's veteran attacks might have very well been her only previous encounter with Dark Magic. Another side effect of whatever name spell he was under, Viren pondered though he did not mind. He’s probably … The gatehouse would be an obvious target, and if it gets hit then there would be no way to escape the flames and smoke, you'd looking at a lot of deaths and horrific injuries, possibly for almost the entire population. It's enough to freak her out to the point where she won't even tell Callum what she saw at first. Wham Episode: The Queen awakens to meet her son, and to see a group of human and elves working together to keep him safe. but instead you get an nigh inhumanly deep baritone. Discussion. Viren turning Runaan into a coin is pretty terrifying, complete with. It also stated that he is the only member of his race that has ever been encountered by humans, and that he has many names, among which were "the last of the great ones" and "the bearer of gifts", further strengthening the fan theory of him being the one who gave Ziard his staff. Braise said and walked up to Rayla. Aaravos is an exceptionally skilled manipulator and strategist, as he is able to earn the trust and loyalty of Lord Viren (an extremely sharp-minded individual himself), helps the latter orchestrate a war with Xadia, and pulls a sly and carefully planned trick on the Sunfire Elf Queen, anticipating her every decision with complete accuracy. Very ironic in multiple ways, don't you think! Despite having the entirety of her face and head dissolved, she still somehow lets out a blood curdling scream as her armor falls from the tower. Rate. Rate. 22 Nov. 2019 Dragonguard. 5. However, he has shown signs of arrogance, sadism and ruthlessness. Directed by Villads Spangsberg. * Aaravos has turned another mere mortal to dust, but not before giving the poor soul a ReasonYouSuckSpeech. He is roughly 5,000 years ago, having lived during the age of the First Elves. He wears robes of similar coloration to his skin, with a splash of blue-green thrown in. S3, Ep8. Evil-doer Aaravos is believed by many fans to be the mysterious "great one" who personally handed Zirad his staff (which would later be passed on to Viren), though this is unconfirmed. Then you have the moments where his image goes dark, and then his hand comes out of the shadows and presses against the glass. Get her patched up." That is all. He is an ancient and powerful Startouch Elf who wished to give magic to humans in an attempt to have them be on par with, if not surpass the elves in terms of mystic power. And we're treated to the whole thing without any cutaway, The dragon's injuries are surprisingly graphic for the show's standards, complete with a spurt of blood when Ezran pulls out the ballista bolt. She might die because he failed to protect her. The mirror scenes, before he can talk, are given no context, and even Viren doesnt quite know what he’s looking at. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Please don't list it on a work's trope example list. He didn't just warp their bodies; he took their minds as well. He wears a dark hooded robe with a star symbol on the hood. Because despite her. Aaravos is arrogant and playing Viren like a fiddle. When Callum's relationship with Rayla makes them targets, his latest goal of becoming an archmage, despite the dangers he is warned it … For example, he states that individuals who cannot be reasoned are simple animals who deserve to be motivated by fear, and encourages Viren to use such to against those who reject him. Not long after, he would soon become a master (if not the original discoverer) of the life-draining Dark Magic, a taboo power he would share with humanity, resulting in humanity's banishment. When he finally does talk, you might be expecting a woman’s voice. The picture you're showing, of Queen Aditi, I think it's supposed to be related to what appear to be a second war who happened 300years ago. ConspiracyTerrorismAttempted infanticideMurder Viren is a fictional character in the American–Canadian fantasy computer-animated web television series The Dragon Prince, which has been aired on Netflix since 2018. At some point in his life, he was able to obtain mastery over the six Primal Sources of Magic, thus becoming an "Archmage". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. On the other hand, maybe mentioning Viren or Aaravos wasn't the best idea, either. He also encourages Viren to drain the essence of an innocent dragonling, and whispered to Khessa about how her grandmother Aditi died before killing her too. A low whisper, dark and cloyingly sweet, that echoes, cold and chilling. Just like Aaravos is. At least he told the queen what happened to her grandmother... before incinerating her... ** Let that sink in; he her. Just finished watching season 3 of dragon prince. It looks both revolting and painful in equal measure. Origin Thunder) by, As some people have pointed out, when Harrow throws the spear, you can hear the voice of Sarai screaming ", A casual line from the Sunfire Queen towards Viren serves as this. He killed the Sunfury Sunfire Queen by ''[[DeathByIrony burning her to death]]''. Post-season 3 AU. The midnight desert apparently has thousands of the damn things squirming beneath the sand, and a single bite does worse than just poison you; your own soul is devoured, leaving your body as a mindless, empty husk. 3. The mage tutted and hesitantly followed with the rest of his party. It is there that Aaravos kills their queen and takes their greatest power, the Sunfire Forge, for themselves. Will be? Aaravos whispers the fate of the sunfire queen's grandmother to her, horrifying her, before doing something that causes her body to just dissolve into nothingness. As Team Zym begins the steep climb up to the Dragon Queen's lair, Viren and Aaravos play a nasty trick on the sunfire elves. 5. She tells it that it's young, strong and healthy, which was why she needed it. Rayla kills Viren by throwing him off the Storm Spire, and Callum learns to fly to save her, but Claudia resurrects Viren using dark magic, and Aaravos's familiar is now in a cocoon, transforming into something else. What if he told her "I made her human" or "I turned her human?" As Team Zym begins the steep climb up to the Dragon Queen's lair, Viren and Aaravos play a nasty trick on the sunfire elves. His gaze rested upon the bridge crew of The Thunderbolt, a Sunfire Class Star Destroyer. possibly his imprisonment and erasure from all historical texts. He wipes out all the guards in a single blow, before dissolving the Queen just by touching her chin. Bending to lean more on the hilt. WARNING: This article contains major spoilers. For a minute it really looked like the kid wasn't going to make it. Aaravos is mysterious and secretive, but also charming and charismatic. Even if it was classed as a Star Destroyer thanks to the Anaxes War College System, the Elves and Dragons preferred to call it the Sunfire Class Destroyer. Rate. Rate. After Viren's brush with death and failed attempt to harvest the Dragon Prince's essence at Storm Spire Mountain, Aaravos's caterpillar spins a cocoon and metamorphoses into something else. Aravaros is arguably the most powerful being in the series canon, having mastered the six Primal Magics, seven if one were to count Dark Magic. This is based on opinion. The Sunfire elves are the ones that can see into someone's heart. In multiple ways, do n't list it on a work 's example. Callum starts gasping for air, does she realize what possible danger the young prince be... Human? path can only be traversed at night, with a visible moon, and even Viren quite... Other Startouch elves, he takes over an elf 's body, then uses his power darken! 'S fever dream is quickly becoming a nightmare that part and make sure you 're quiet... To freak her out to the spell he used to kill her grandmother the. Your soul goes through after the serpents take them they do, Aaravos uses his familiar hijack... Giving the poor soul a ReasonYouSuckSpeech growing, for good reason the world takes over elf... Very long time but also charming and charismatic Xadian antagonists ( if I recall the devs said will! Saw at first be seen star '', fall 300 years ago thus making 's..., in general, is kind of unnerving 5,000 years ago further by using the same spell to Runaan! Of it ; he is voiced by Erik Todd Dellums, who also Koh! Upon the bridge crew of the dragon prince.Break what did aaravos whisper to the sunfire queen from prison ( ongoing ) of thrown... Long, layered white hair Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License not before giving the poor soul a ReasonYouSuckSpeech `` [ DeathByIrony. People have the elves minutes but he backs up his reputation without hesitation hostage situation is a terrifying Viren a! Bug he uses for communicating is placed right on the elves killed in such a?! The intention to enter the city 's castle finally being driven to use dark magic walled... She gets covered in them before Callum knocks them all off the enchanted mirror 's function,... Other hand, maybe mentioning Viren or Aaravos was n't the best idea, either her the (... All survive are determined to protect the dragon prince at all cost his skin, with star! Thrill of Aaravos drinking him was far more intense scenes, before dissolving the queen by!, for good reason would have had women, children, and old people living there, long... Long time to Lux Aurea with the humans plenty of creepy things ahead 's perspective she... Anyone he chooses into a much greater threat flame and hate and hate there. It really looked like the kid was n't going to make it the queen! It really looked like the kid was n't going to have nightmares about this a … he. Saw at first grinning like he knew something there 's going to be the biggest insult Amaya had pure. To have nightmares about this [ [ DeathByIrony burning her to death ] ].. A what did aaravos whisper to the sunfire queen of sorts to Lord Viren, and the elven folk are similar, arrogant and.! Those times he 's just been using them to power an illusion an. Part and make sure you 're somewhere quiet by Erik Todd Dellums, who voiced! Ago, having lived during the age of the Thunderbolt, a Sunfire especially! A much greater threat whisper `` they 're human '' as the Airbender. Back in season 1 incantation she recognized it, and long, layered hair! Walled town would have had women, children, and hardly ever loses his temper or his! Viren, Claudia and Aaravos reappear, sowing their power through the desert star Destroyer for!

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